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At Rowan Park the careers curriculum is designed to prepare our students for adult life and help with the decisions which need to be made in relation to future provision and or work. 


The curriculum provides a wealth of opportunities for work experience and work related learning, It is tiered through out the school where tasks and learnt abilities are built upon year upon year so that ideas relating to work, self reliance, independence and purposeful activities are embedded once a student leaves Rowan Park. 


The Curriculum includes a number of activities and path ways these include: Mini enterprise and profit making activities, experiencing different jobs and places of work in and around the local community. Weekly in school enterprise services such as sandwich shop, soup kitchen and car washing. A work related 'World of Work' day in 16-19. Industrial work experience placements in places of work in the local community.


We have close contact with outside agencies to provide advise help and guidance to students and their families when exploring options and making important decisions through the transition process. One of these links being with Sefton Education and Business Partnership which enables students to experience work in a range of different workplaces matched to student needs and skills.


Enterprise in EYFS and Primary

EYFS and Primary


Early Years and Primary students careers and work related learning programme focus around people, jobs and place in the community that have different laces of work. Emphasis is placed on people who help us such as Doctors, nurses, dentists, firefighters, police officers, teachers, etc.


Careers is taught through role play activities, visits to places of work, and professionals visiting school. The subject is not taught as a discrete subject but is part of the embedded themed curriculum already taught in EYFS and primary.


Students do get to take part in annual whole school ‘Work Experience’ and ‘Enterprise’ weeks, and this year joined in for the inaugural school Enterprise event.


Enterprise and Careers in KS3

Key Stage 3

As students enter secondary a greater emphasis is placed on careers and work related learning, Students now begin to have discrete careers lessons. These form part of the curriculum that is taught on a weekly basis.


They are also assessed on their careers knowledge, which in turns forms modules with the ASDAN new Horizons assessment.


Students also begin to take part in weekly enterprise activities, These involve a class business that runs on a weekly basis and is a small profit driven enterprise. At present the businesses are: hot / cold lunch shop for staff, lunchtime soup kitchen.


A number of skills are taught through these activities ranging from independent life skills such as cookery, using tools and equipment, buying ingredients from supermarkets, following instructions, managing money, buying and selling as well as public relations.


Students also begin to visit place of work and get to meet people who help us in the community such as: fire stations and fire men. local shops including back room tours of Tescos in Litherland, Each student will have at least one encounter with employers where their experiences are shred with what it is like to work in a specific field.


It is also a formative time for students and they begin to be lead through the ideas of what they would like to do when leaving education, would they like to have supported work, where would they like to complete work experience, what are their interests and how do these related to purposeful employment or activities.

Careers and Work related learning in 14-19

14- 16 Key Stage 4

Students entering Key Stage 4 now begin to study  specific areas of employment and the assessment process begins for the pathway that they will take in sixth form and later when leaving school.


Students begin to work towards ASDAN work right  employability accreditation and also complete work related  Transition challenge, and Towards Independence and Personal Progress work related learning modules. ASDAN accreditation. 


As with Key Stage three they continue to take part in weekly enterprise activities although these now form a part of a days timetable. Skills are taught that builds upon those learnt in Key Stage 3 as well as developing new skill especially independence which will in-turn help in sixth form. At present the KEY 4 class runs a soup kitchen. This entails taking orders, buying ingredients making sandwich s in a hygienic and professional way, packaging and delivery, taking money and accounts.


As with Key Stage 3 students have the opportunity to visit places of work and to learn from new people and places.

16 - 19 sixth form

On entering the 16-19 (sixth form) careers, work related learning and next steps now becomes a focus of study for an entire day of the curriculum. Students are now placed in discrete sets with distinctly different pathways.


  • Careers Education Group - These students begin to follow a careers and work related learning curriculum that proves a tiered accreditation that is recognised by employers. ASDAN Workright and Employability certificates. They learn new skills that are related to specific jobs. These are embedded through the delivery of weekly in school enterprise activities, which lead to industry endorsed certification. These jobs include the following: Bakery making bread for the school sold to staff and students alike, Car washing, staff cars are cleaned to high specifications, Horticulture growing of vegetables, Grounds maintenance and odd jobs, helping maintain the school building and grounds a swell as small scale projects in the community, Bee Keeping, an accredited Level 1 qualification in the keeping of bees and associated products.


These students will also have the opportunity for work experience placements in the community where a member of school staff will support the students in their chosen career choice, to date we have had students placed at Tesco's, Dobbies, a Local Cafe, Sovini, and a local regeneration project.


  • Careers Enrichment Group - Students in this group have the opportunity to develop some ASDAN accreditation through Workright as well as Towards Independence modules. They focus mainly on how functional skills and a degree of independence can be applied to the work place through completing jobs such as: shopping for the school, providing laundry services, gathering supplies, and helping with simple ground maintenance. As with the Education group they have many opportunities to visit places of work in the local community.


  • Career Experience Group - Students in this groups continued with a day bespoke provision in careers education. They continue with the following ASDAN accreditations Towards Independence careers modules and Personal Progress careers modules. The emphasis for these students is to experience different jobs and roles in the community as well as working with other adults. These experiences includes: visit to Bridge inn farm for horticulture and animal husbandry, Visits to a local community garden, making goods to sell at enterprise fairs and events. Trips to Tesco to experience day in the life activities as well as farm to fork information sessions. Visits to other places of work.