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Welcome to the Otters

Welcome to our class page, we hope that you enjoy looking at all our exciting lessons and topics that we are going to be learning about this year.

In the Otters we love to work really hard and always try our best. Our topics change every half term and we have theme lessons (based on our topic) twice a week. This year, our lessons will include English, Maths, Science, Theme (this includes history, geography, Art and DT), Phonics, RE, Computing, PHSE, Swimming, Cookery, PE and all the extra activities that will come throughout the year. We also learn through activities inside and outside the classroom. 


Home/Blended Learning

The above sections are where you will find all your home learning activities.

We have also put together home learning packs which can be collected from the school office. These contain lots of activities and work for you to complete whilst isolating. PowerPoints, stories and videos are on attached below to support the work and activities provided.

I have attached a daily schedule which you can follow, this just gives a brief outline of when to complete the activities and things to keep you busy during the day.

We will be regularly updating work linked to the curriculum for blended learning including phonics work, book links, website links and activities for home. There are free Oxford Reading books ebook library to use too while reading books are not being sent home due to Covid.


If you do require any more work or need to speak to me for any reason, please email me on; or phone school on 0151 222 4894

Spring 1

Our topic this half term is 'Farm to Fork.' We will be learning about farming around the world, particularly in the UK. We will start by looking at different farm animals, jobs on the farm and the purpose of farms in the UK. Where does our food come from? (Plant or animal)

In Literacy we are going to read; 'Mrs Wishy Washy's Farm' and 'A Day on the Farm.'

In Numeracy we are going to be looking at setting up a farm shop in class, recognising coins and using money.

Whilst at home, why don't you have a look at the resources and links below.


Isolation schedule for home learning

Autumn 2:

This half term our theme is dinosaurs. We have been reading dinosaur stories such as; Dinosaur Roar, Dinosaur Dinosaur, Giganotosaurus and T Rex on Tour. We are learning all about different dinosaurs, life when the dinosaurs roamed the earth, herbivores and carnivores, extinction and fossils.

Autumn 1:

Over the Rainbow

This month our focus has been on Mental Health and Well-being in Otter's class. We have taken part in 'Over the Rainbow Month' activities, all designed to promote a healthy body and mind. We have taken part in class yoga, mindfulness, memories from our time in lockdown, created collages all about ourselves, how to keep healthy and have also learnt about different emotions and feelings by learning about the mood monsters! We have learnt about different strategies that can help manage our well-being and Mental Health. We have introduced a well-being scale in class, where we can tell our teachers how we are feeling throughout the day and update this if our moods change.


Theme: Heroes and Villains

Our topic this half term has been heroes and villains, we have enjoyed looking at Marvel, Disney and real life heroes and villains. In Literacy we have been reading Supertato. We have learnt about how to be a good friend and behaviours that heroes and villains have. In Otters we have made comic books by creating our own characters, brain storming our ideas then putting these into a storyboard and finally writing and drawing the final comic book.

General Information


Home School Diaries

We ask families and carers to return the Home School diary each day, as this will enable the class staff to provide comments and information about your child's day in school. If there are particular things you wish to be informed about, please speak with the class teacher.


Individual Education Plans

These set out the priority educational targets that your child is working on for the term. IEPs are updated each term and sent home. If there is anything that you would particularly like us to be working on, please just let us know.


Reading Books

All children and young people are encouraged to engage in reading and develop a love of stories. We have a wide range of reading books, sensory books and big books to support the learning style and levels for each child. Every Friday, your child will receive a new reading book and this will be sent home with them to enjoy with you over the weekend.  Please encourage your child to engage with the characters and stories and fill in the reading record to let your child's class staff know how they have got on and then please return to school on a Monday morning. 


Class Funds

We kindly request that you send in £2 weekly. This contributes to any weekly resources such as snack and cookery that class might need.

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