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Welcome to the Ladybirds

Welcome to Ladybirds 2021-2022 !

Ladybirds are a fun loving, energetic and enthusiastic class that love to learn new exciting things. We will be having lots of fun exploring a range of themes and lessons, enabling us all to build relationships and explore new friendships in our new school. We hope you enjoy looking at our page and seeing all our lovely photos!



Ladybirds, Hannah, Becca and Sophie 

Autumn term 1


This half term our topic will be 'Muck, mess and mixtures'. We will be learning through creativity. 

We will be making our own colour monster, exploring colours and emotions and celebrating Halloween with our last story before half term. We will also be focusing upon our fine motor skills during our art and cookery lessons. 


In Literacy the books we will cover this half will be 'Colour monster goes to school ' 'The day the crayons quit' and 'Monster Max shark Spaghetti'. Sensory props, food, songs and puppets will be used to encourage the children to engage with the stories. We will be using lots of colours, slime, spaghetti and puppets this half term.


This half term we will focus some of our time on looking at Heavy and light objects, Positional language and Numbers. We will also be focusing our time on our individual maths boxes as always to consolidate our learning.  


During our topic lessons we will be looking at creativity, and how we can be creative and experimental ? We will also be looking at famous artists, science experiments, treasure hunts and exploring the forest school.


P.E. sessions take place each Wednesday afternoon for Ladybirds class. Please ensure a full PE kit is brought to school and that items are clearly labelled to avoid confusion. Swimming sessions will take place on a Thursday morning. ( I will inform you when this will start)

This half term in PE we will be practicing our balancing skills and star jumps.



We do cookery every Monday afternoon, please let us know if your child has any food allergies, and this half term to continue with our creativity topic and we will be making rainbow cookies, sandwiches, decorating biscuits and making colourful fruit salads. 

Summer Term 1.

This half term  Ladybirds Theme is  learning about  'Creativity'.

We will be looking at materials, tools , junk modelling and  sculptures.

Our 'Theme' will be linked to Nature and Mini Beasts.

 We continue to work hard on our Literacy, Numeracy Skills and exploring Science. 


Ladybirds will enjoy lots of Sensory and Art activities. Keep watching our class page for the fun filled photographs of us learning. 



The Very Busy Spider has visited Ladybirds

Mental Health Week - Sensory all our favourites foam, bubbles, massage

Ladybirds Mini Beast and Nature Display

The Story About the Spider - Bang on the Door

Insect Fossils - made out of salt dough

Decorating Paper Plates - Making Insects

Exploring Sand - exploring the texture of wet and dry sand

Ladybirds Celebrating Environmental Awareness Day - Planting seeds and Potatoes.

Happy New Year Ladybirds

We hope you have all had a happy and healthy Christmas and New Year.

We hope that you enjoy looking at all our exciting lessons and topics that we are going to be learning about this year. We will have half termly topics as a focus for our lessons. This year, our lessons will include English, Maths, Science, Theme (this includes history, geography, Art and DT), Phonics, RE, Computing, PSHE, Swimming, Cookery, PE and all the extra activities that will come throughout the year. We also learn through activities inside and outside the classroom. Enjoy our class page.

As we start our Spring Term 1 a lot of us we be learning at home.

Please keep looking at our class page which will be updated regularly. 

Home  Learning Packs will be available to pick up from school on Thursday 7th January. If you require more work or need to speak to one of the Ladybirds Team please phone school on on 0151 222 4894.

Keep safe and well


Team Ladybirds 


 To start the term we hope you enjoy the story

"While We Can't Hug Story' a story linking to social distancing and what you can do instead of hugging your friends and loved ones

While we cant hug

Set 1- Lesson 3

We start the week with a phonics lesson, and look at a new sound each week. keep talking about the sound and looking for things beginning with the sound throughout the week.

Some worksheets to support writing or mark making with the phonics sound

Attention Autism bucket - Colours

Why not enjoy some colour fun, attention autism style, with Rowan Parks very own Katy!!

PE With Joe 2021

Monday afternoons are time for PE, why not try PE with Joe Wickes, different sessions added each day

Tuesday Morning

Hello songs then time for Literacy

Story - FARMER DUCK by Martin Waddell (EYFS KS1)

Time for a new story, this week we can read Farmer Duck

FOR KIDS - Cheese Making video

Maybe watch the video to explore how cheese is made, the go on to make the cheese sandwich in the next lesson.


How could you say "hello" to your friends and family you can't hug right now?


 Write a letter

 Make a card

 Wave to them!

 Sing a song/dance

 Make them a video! 

 Make them a beautiful picture

A Big Welcome Back to Ladybirds Class


Welcome back Ladybirds its lovely to be back at school. For the rest of this half term we will continue with our Theme 'Memory Box'.

Literacy -  will include some traditional tales as well as our usual phonic lessons. Maths- will include 1:1 work working on your individual targets. Continue to look at our class page which will include photographs of our learning sessions. 

Charlie and Lola - I will not ever, never eat a tomato! 🍅

This week our story and learning ideas will be linked to Scrumdiddlyumptious foods.
Read or listen to the story every day.

Pyjama Day in Ladybirds

Making Christmas Decorations and Decorating Gingerbread Men

Breakfast with Santa - McDonalds Treat in Ladybirds

Christmas Jumper Day Ladybirds

Getting ready for Christmas in Ladybirds

Welcome Back - back to school work and play!

Home School Learning:

As we are learning from home again please explore the website as it will be updated regularly with activities for you to complete at home.

Please make use of the activity pack that was sent home.

In the pack you will find a daily timetable and my email address for you to contact me or school for any support needed. 

Thank you. 

Keep safe and well 


The Staff in Ladybirds


Friday 13th November (Children In Need)

Hi Ladybirds, today is Children in Need day. Dress up or stay in your Pyjamas have some fun!

 We are looking forward to seeing you all on, 

Monday 16th November. 

Children in Need - Have a Pyjama day!

Shared Reading - IEP Work

Hello using Power point, writing books, mirrors, photographs and names. Class Assembly - celebrate pupils achievements

Snack (using PECS) followed by Outdoor Play

Numeracy - Group work followed by 1:1 IEP Maths work

Dinner followed by Outdoor Play

Smart board - Washing Hands Song followed by Bare Foot Books Songs

Snack(using PECs) followed by Goodbye Songs

Home Time pupils get their own coats and bags

Thursday 12th November 

Shared Reading and IEP Work

Hello - using power point, mirrors, writing , photographs and names Story - story books,story mats and props to support the story are used

Snack (using PECS) Outdoor Play Time

Numeracy - Group Work followed by 1:1 IEP Maths Work

Shape Play Doh Mats - draw a shape on paper. Ask your child to roll the paly doh -salt doh into the shape

Dinner Outdoor Playtime

Smart Board - Washing Hands followed by Bare Foot Books Songs

Theme - Memory Box

Toys from the Past - Ask an ageing relative "Do you remember any of these toy?" - Printable

Look at the pictures, can your parents remember having any of these toys?

Old Toy Sorting Activity - Print out activity, help your child sort the toys into old and new.

Snack (using PECS) Goodbye Songs

Home Time pupils get own coats and bags

Wednesday 11th November

Shared Reading and IEP Work

Hello using - Power point, mirrors, photographs, writing books, Story - Story books , story mats and props are used to support story

Snack (using PECS) followed by Outdoor Play

Numeracy - Group work on Shape followed by IEP Maths work 1:1

Two Practical including Sensory Ideas for Shape

Dinner followed by Outdoor Play

Smart board - Washing Hands followed by Bare Foot Book Songs

As the pool is closed at this time. Ladybirds have a fun afternoon ahead filled with

Choice and Sensory Activities

Sensory - Massage, relaxing yoga, foot spas, music or Choice - this could be your child's favoured activity

Sensory Autumn Tub

Snack (using PECS) followed by Goodbye Songs

Home time - pupils get their own coats and bags.

Tuesday 10th November

Shared Reading and IEP Work

Hello use of PowerPoint, Photographs, Mirrors, Names and Writing followed by Story - Props and Story Mat are used to support the story

Snack (Using PECS) followed by Outdoor Play

Maths - Group Shape songs followed by IEP Maths Work

Dinner followed by Outdoor Play

Smart Board - Washing Hands Song followed by Bare Foot Books Songs

Theme - Memory Box

Old Toys - Look at the Difference between Old fashioned toys and the toys we have today. What are they made of? How do they work?

Snack (using PECS) followed by Good Bye Songs

Home Time - Pupils to get their own Coats and Bags

Monday 9th November

Shared Reading - I.E. P. Work

Class Assembly, Hello then Phonics (Read, Write Inc)

Monday News - Class Assembly

Hello - Power Point, Writing (signing in ), Photographs, Names, Mirrors and Songs

Phonics - Read Write Inc. Objects are used to support Power Point. Can you find the picture on your mat? Say the name of the letters. What sound does the letter make?

Snack using PECS Outdoor Play


Dinner followed by Outdoor Playtime

Smart Board- Washing Hand Song followed by Bare Foot Books Songs

P.E. Listen and Move to some Familiar Rhymes (Memory Box)

Snack (using PECS) and Goodbye Song

Home Time

Friday 6th November

Shared Reading and I.E.P Work

Class Assembly (celebrate pupils weekly achievements) followed by Hello

Class Assembly Ladybirds - click on the noise button to activate the music

Snack using PEC symbols followed by Outdoor Play(fresh air)

Maths - Group Activity followed by IEP Maths work 1:1

Dinner followed by Outdoor Play

Smart Board - washing hands song whilst washing hands followed by Bare Foot Books Songs(signify start of the afternoon)

Science - simple experiments to do at home

Snack (using PECS) followed by Goodbye Songs

Home Time- Pupils get their own coats and bags

Thursday 5th November:

Shared Reading and I.E.P Work including writing and practising fine motor activities.

Time to say "Hello" with the help of a PowerPoint, Writing Books, Photos Mirrors and Songs

Story Time - Peepo

Snack pupils are encouraged to use P E C symbols. Outside Playtime (wrap up warm)

Sparkler Themed Number Formation - have fun!

Money Activities

Dinner Outdoor Play

Smart Board - hand washing song (whilst washing hands) followed by Barefoot books

Theme - Who was Guy Fawkes? Enjoy the Power Point

Guy Fawkes and the Gun Powder Plot

As Part of our Bon Fire Celebrations it was planned to make some apple pops! These are simple to make. melt the chocolate (not too hot) then dip the apple that is on a lollipop stick into the soft chocolate. Cover the apple with the chocolate then sprinkle coloured sprinkles onto the apple. Mmmm! delicious.

Chocolate Pop Apples - Delicious and simple to make.

Snack followed by Goodbye Songs

Home Time - Children are encouraged to get their own coats and bags

Autumn Term 2

This half term Ladybirds theme is 'Memory Box'

During this 'Theme' we will cover - Ladybirds class when they were babies.

Foods past and present - What did our grandparent eat? 

Famous people starting with Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot.

Leading up to looking at toys past and present - Then focusing on  Christmas Traditions.

Literacy - This half term our stories will include : Peepo, Dogger, Old Bear and Traditional Tales.

We will focus on Nursery rhymes. 

Maths - We will be working towards pupils individual maths targets. We will be introducing shops linked to our theme. 

To all our little Ladybirds. We hope you have a safe and happy half term holiday and we will see you soon. 

The Ladybirds Team x 

To all our Ladybirds at home, we are thinking about you and hope you all stay safe and well. Whilst you are at home keep watching our class page where you will find some activities to do on a daily basis. 
Wednesday Daily Routine

Individual Education Plan Work - Shared Reading followed by the Tidy Up song

Time To Say "Hello" Pupils use Mirrors, Pictures and Pens to sign in

Story Time - Supported by story mats and props that support the story.

Snack followed by outdoor play

Time for Numeracy

Dinner followed by Play Time

Smart Board - Hand washing and Bare Foot books

Music Session (exploring musical instruments) followed by Sensory( foot spas, massage and relaxation music)

Snack followed by Good Bye Songs

Home Time

Tuesday - Daily Routine

Shared Reading and I.E.P work

Hello - Time for Registration with the use of mirrors, books (visual photos of pupils in class), sign in for the day and songs

Story Time

Snack followed by Playtime

Time for Dinner and Outside to Play

Back to Class for Smart Board and to begin the Afternoon

Easy Pumpkin Paper Plate

Snack and Goodbye Songs

Home Time

Monday - Daily Routine

Class Assembly Power Point including Wake Up Song

Read Write Inc - Phonics Power Point looking at the letter 'a'.

Snack the Playtime

Numeracy - Counting and some Simple Addition

Time for dinner followed by Playtime outside.

Back to class for Smart board - Washing hands followed by Bare foot Books

P.E. Music and Action Songs - Enjoy Join In!

Snack followed by Goodbye Songs

Time for Home

A HUGE welcome back to school Ladybirds.

We are extremely proud of how you have all transitioned back into school. School is a little different this year. To help you cope with the small changes in school please share the booklet and power point we have included ( below ) at home. 

 We hope that you enjoy looking at all our exciting lessons and topics that we are going to be learning about this year. We will be learning through lots of practical activities and sensory play. We will have half termly topics as a focus for our lessons. This year, our lessons will include English, Maths, Science, Theme, Phonics, RE, Computing, PHSE, Swimming, Cookery, PE . We also learn through activities inside and outside the classroom. 

Enjoy our class page

Autumn Term 1:

 On returning to school our focus has been on Mental Health and Well Being. We have taken part in ' Over the Rainbow Month' activities. We have participated in exercise, yoga classes and have looked at healthy eating. In Ladybirds we enjoy our sensory sessions which include relaxation music, foot spa's and massage.

Our Theme for the rest of the term is 'Beat, Band, Boogie'.

Ladybirds are enjoying exploring musical instruments. Each week we take part in a 'Charanga' music programme listening to and playing along to some favourite songs. 

P.E. consists of lots of Music and Movement - (our warm up song is included below)

Maths - Lots of Number Rhymes, we are also looking at money. 

Our two stories for this half term include Movement and Rhyme. (follow the link below - From Head to Toe and Pass the Jam Jim)

More Charanga - Music with Instruments

Wearing Yellow to Support Mental Health Week

Exploring - Autumn Fruit and Vegetables

Charanga Music Programme - Music and Movement including exploring Musical Instruments

Autumn Begins - Collecting and Exploring Leaves

Happy in School Learning and Playing

Numeracy - Colours, Shapes, Numbers, Sorting, Building and Stacking

Forest School - Observing and exploring plants, trees and wildlife

Wow! Look at us Painting and Exploring the Materials used for our Collage

Ladybirds Corridor Display.

Whilst school is closed we will be uploading activities on a daily basis.  We will include songs and activities that are used in school to support your child's daily routine. It is important that all our children remain happy, safe and secure.


General Class Information


Home School Dairies

We ask families and carers to return the Home School diary each day, as this will enable the class staff to provide comments and information about you child's day in school. If there are particular things you wish to be informed about, please speak with the class teacher.


Individual Education Plans

These set out the priority educational targets that your child is working on for the term. IEPs are updated each term and sent home. If there is anything that you would particular like us to be working on please just let us know.


Reading Books

All children and young people are encouraged to engage in reading and develop a love of stories. We have a wide range of reading books, sensory books and big books to support the learning style and levels for each child. Every Friday, your child will receive a new reading book and this will be sent home with them to enjoy with you over the weekend. Please encourage your child to engage with the characters and stories and fill in the reading record to let your child'd class staff know how they have gotten on and the please return to school on the Monday morning. 


Magic Moment Books

Your child will also be sent home a Magic Moments Book. This is an exciting way to share all the wonderful things that your child does at home. Its also a way to record special moments, anything that your child does for the first time and anything that they enjoy doing. We would also love it if you could send the book back in at the end of a half term or after a holiday so that we could share your child's amazing achievements. 


Class Funds

We kindly request that you send in £2 a week. This contributes to any weekly resources such as sensory, cooking and snack that class might need.