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Welcome to Secondary 2!

A very warm welcome to class S2, we really look forward to keeping you up to date with pictures of our hard work, our lessons, days out and all the fun we have in school.


In class S2, our teacher is Janet- if you have any questions or would like to speak with Janet, please just give her a call. Our teaching assistants are April S, Tony, April R & Pauline. Julie & Kirsty help us over lunch. There are 8 pupils in our class and they are:












We hope that you will enjoy looking at our class page as much as we have enjoyed putting it all together.





Welcome to S2. These are our wonderful pupils & staff.

S2 went to the Atkinson Art Gallery in Southport. We took part in lots of different art activities. Fun was had by all.

This week was Autism Awareness week. On Monday we joined in with messy sensory art gallery and on Thursday we joined in with Sportism in the hall. Kieran and Matthew took turns at rolling the ball along a balance board.

We all dressed up for World Book Day today and what a lovely day it was!

Latest School News!! Fundraising: A local charity - The Mersey Rats have raised £1203 for our school. They kindly donated a Computer with Eye gaze Technology in September and this money will now enable us to buy additional Communication software and frame for this computer . Look at us holding the big cheque. A really big Thank You to the MerseyRats. You can follow their fundraising events on their facebook page - Merseyrats community or on their website

History & Geography In History we have talked about medieval kings but started the term talking about our Queen—Queen Elizabeth II. We linked our history work to our Geography work - looking at where we live. Look at us painting our Union Jack flags, some pupils copied the flag from a picture and some pupils were given the flag outline and asked to paint it the same colours as the picture. The amount of support given varied.

Numeracy - In our Christmas numeracy sessions we have sung the ‘12 Days of Christmas’ and each day completed counting activities and art & DT activities. As you can see on these photos we are painting hands to make a tree picture .

D.T - Just a few photos to show our cutting skills as we drew round then cut out heart shapes, to make our poppies .

Science - What fantastic pumpkin lanterns—all hand carved. It was a very ‘sensory’ activity with the feel of the pumpkin, looking at the colours of the pumpkin and seeds and the wonderful smell. We added coloured balloons with lights in.

Numeracy - In Numeracy we have been focusing on counting and handling money. We have set up different shops and taken turns to go to the shop and buy an item, counting out a set number of pennies. In these photos you can see us shopping at ‘Kirsty’s bread shop’ - toast was 4p, burnt toast 5p, waffles were 3p and crumpets were 2p each. Some pupils kindly bought for staff if they didn't want anything for themselves.

The Big Numbers Song

It's a numbers song for children and adults. Count from 0 to 100 and from a hundred to a trillion. This song was written and performed by A.J. Jenkins. Video by KidsTV123. Copyright 2011 A.J.Jenkins/KidsTV123: All rights reserved.

Poppies - PSHE & Numeracy - It was our class assembly on the Monday before Armistice Day, so we talked about why people wear poppies. At the end of assembly we opened our poppy shop and everyone in Secondary came and exchanged a penny for a poppy. This linked in with our shopping work in Numeracy.

Science: In Science we have been looking at plants, flowers, trees & leaves. We have talked about seeds, stems, leaves, petals and soil. Look at some of the activities we have taken part in, a favourite had to be filling the watering cans and watering the seeds and plants. With support, Mark took some of these photos for us.

PSHE: Look at our selfies—taken as part of our Rights, Respecting schools work.