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Welcome to our Post 16 Class    


Scafell class is a class for pupils with Multiple Sensory Impairment (MSI) . We are taught by a qualified Teacher for visual impairment (QTVI)  and teaching assistantss who support us throughout the school day. We follow a multi sensory curriculum and use specialist equipment to help us understand the world around us.


Our Targets are taken from Quest for learning which takes a holistic view of learners by; focusing on how they learn acknowledging their different abilities and achievements and taking into account of learners preferred sensory and learning channels and their way of processing information; focusing on early communication. cognitive and sensory skills that are the foundation of all future learning.

We follow ASDAN Modules including; New Horizons, transition challenge and Towards independence modules.


In Scafell class we follow a multi sensory curriculum and use our senses to engage and experience learning and the world around us. Daily signifiers are used to give us a better understanding of daily routines including daily; smell, sound and sensory colour bag. We use Moon related to; phonics (read, write, Inc letters), topic related words and the names of people around us!. We also also use communication aids, link switches and specialist ICT equipment to access learning and respond to the world around us.


Mobility and orientation is important to us and we all follow a mobility and orientation route around school using sensory cues and markers to help us better understand our surroundings.


We regularly access the Hydrotherapy pool and take part in; rebound therapy, reflexology and regular light and dark room sessions to encourage our vision and engagement.


Please take a look at our class page and all the exciting things we are learning this term!


Summer Term 2018

This Summer term we will be focusing our learning on;


Literacy- Films, Radio, TV and Theatre - Keep a look out for an invitation to an amazing performance!

Numeracy- Telephone and Communication

Creativity - Theatre and Film Making

Humanities - Famous Buildings

Citizenship - The year of Campaigns

Daily Living Skills - Clothing Care and Maintenance

Work Skills - The work place



General Information


Home School Diaries

We ask parents and carers to return the home school diary each day, as this will enable the class teacher to provide comments and information about your child's day in school. If there are particular things you wish to be informed about, please speak with the class teacher.


Individual Education Plans (IEPs)

This plan sets out educational targets that your child is working on for the term. There is a section in the plan which provides parents and carers with activities or tasks you can do at home to support your child's learning. Plans are updated each term and sent home.


Reading Books

All children and young people are encouraged to engage in reading and develop a love of stories. We have a wide range of reading books, sensory books and big books to support the learning styles and levels for each child. Every Friday, your child will receive a new reading book. Please encourage your child to engage with the characters and stories.



Some pupils will receive homework in English and Maths to support their learning. If your child is finding homework a challenge please come into school so we can discuss it together.


Class Funds

We kindly ask that you send in £2 each week. This contributes to snack and cookery ingredients that we use each week.



P.E sessions take place on a Wednesday afternoon and we will be wrapping up warm and going out for walks into the RAP park and around the school grounds.

Rebound Theraphy is taking place on a Tuesday with Nicola and Physiotheraphy input. (Please ensure consent letters are returned to school).

Swimming sessions take place on a Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning with Andrea. 

Please ensure a swimming costume and towel are sent in and any swimming aids your child may need.




We do cookery on a Monday afternoon, every other half term. Please let us know if your child has any food allergies.



All pupils in the class take part in an enterprise activity each week/half term/term.   Enterprise support children and young people to use their numeracy and literacy skills in a different context.



Timetable 2017-2018

We'd love to say a massive congratulations to Jodie and Ahmed on your graduation! We're all so proud of you both, you've worked so hard throughout this year and we will miss you so much.
We were really happy to make it outside for our party in the park between the spells of rain.
We had a really exciting visit from two police men this afternoon! We explored their uniforms and equipment and went outside to see the police car. They pit the flashing lights and the siren on for us which was really fun.
Thank you to all our families who could make our Space performance for coming. We had a really nice time performing for you and showing you what we've been working hard on. We made star shaped biscuits, iced and decorated them, laid out some juice for our hospitality. We made all of our own propts and our programmes for the audience. 
We really enjoyed celebrating our Viking heritage by taking part in a Viking fest. We met a real life Viking called Vagnar (we all thought he definitely needed a good shave!), we did some archery, beanbag throwing, there was a real Viking battle in the arena AND we munched on yummy hotdogs!! 
We all had an absolutely amazing day on our end of year trip. We walked all the way to the NAC and had a fantastic time in Jakes Sensory World in the light room and the soft play area. We had so much fun getting out of our wheelchairs and exploring all of the equipment and a few of us even got berried in the ball pool! We then had a yummy chippy dinner and a lolly ice in the gorgeous sensory garden under the awning and then walked back to school in the lovely sunshine.
We walked all the way over to the NAC and back and Stuart read us a box book all about Desmond being super lazy and not getting out of bed for school! We cant wait to go back next year.
Today some really exciting special visitors came to see us. They were Firefighters! We've been learning about jobs in our local community so they came and told us all about what they do and we were even allowed to use the hose!
We all had loads of fun and tried really hard this sports day, and we all did so well in the scorching hot weather. We're crossing our fingers for Friday's assembly to find out if we've won!
We've been learning about Ramadan in our Foreign Cultures lessons.

Autism Pride Day

We celebrated Autism Pride day by doing a march around the RAP. A few of us cheered from the sidelines with posters we'd made.
We had a really fun session in the ICT suite playing on the computers and making choices.
We've got a new school pet! We met him today, we were a little bit nervous at first but we were all really kind and gentle. He's a bearded dragon called Derek. We think hes so pretty and love his orange skin.

World cup food tasting

Each class has chosen a football team out of a hat from the world cup and we got England!! Each class brought in some food from their country and we all had a little taste of each thing. Some of the food was a bit strange but we had lots of fun.

Strawberries and Cream

As our new enterprize we've decided to make and sell strawberries and cream to staff around the school. They've been very popular and we loved tasting and exploring the strawberries and cream.
We've been enjoying experiencing our Tac Pacs this term.

Royal Sandwiches

We made some posh sandwiches to take to our Royal Wedding party in the hall. We explored the different ingredients and used a knife to spread the butter and cut them into small pieces.
We had so much fun celebrating the Royal Wedding in the hall with everyone! We enjoyed eating the sandwiches we had made and eating wedding cake. YUM!
Here we are using all of our different pieces of technology during our ICT session this afternoon. We're using our eye gaze device, the plasma screen, switches, foot spa and different sensory toys with lights and vibrations.

Artist of the month: Picasso

We were inspired by Picasso's Cubism. We decided to use paper plates and have our staff draw around the silhouette of our faces. We then chose two primary colours of paint and then collaged them to make them a bit more sensory and interesting. Lastly we cut out bits and pieces of facial features and stuck them on in the style of Picasso.
We loved the first of our weekly music sessions with the music teacher Mr Redwood. We tried out and explored a couple of really interesting feeling and sounding instruments including a harp!

Foreign Cultures: UK traditions

Had a little afternoon tea to learn about our English traditions. We really enjoyed the cakes but most of us were not too sure about the tea.
We're all starting to work on our ASDAN accreditation and as you can see by our faces, we're all super proud of ourselves.

Sunny Thursday afternoon!

We've had such a lovely afternoon chilling out in the sun and listening to stories.
We've been learning lots about time. We've been talking about our favourite times of the day like lunch time and home time. We have also been reading a box book called 'The School Trip' which focuses on being late! We're also really good at recognising the numbers on the clock.
In our leisure learning lessons we have been learning about our personal hygiene and how to wash our hands properly and brush our hair.
For our enterprise this term we are raising money and awareness for The National Autistic Society by making and selling autism awareness ribbons. If you want to buy one (or more!) they cost £1.50 each, just let us know and send the money in and we'll be happy to help with our famous Scafell service with a smile! smiley

Special gift off Lily

We put paper mache onto plant pots and then painted them. We then chose which colour plant pot we wanted to fill and we planted some lovely pasnies. We used all of our senses to experience the planting session by listening to the soil being poured into the pot, smelling the plant, feeling the water and soil.
Here are some photos of us with our props we worked really hard on making for our Easter concert. We all joined in really well and loved learning and singing all of the new songs.
We had lots of fun parading our Easter hats in front of the whole school. Mia won!
We all had to decorate our own Easter egg, once we had finished the staff went and hid them around the school and when we found ours we went to the school office and exchanged our egg for a creme egg! 
We had loads of fun raising money doing out sponsored dance-athon. We did so well dancing for the whole hour! But we were definitely ready for a chill out afterwards. Phew!!
We all chose a coloured plastic egg and went into the hall with all of secondary to see who could roll their egg the furthest. Sadly none of us won but we had so much fun we decided to have our own little competition in class!
One of our tasks for Science week was that we had to build something that can fly. We were given a brief with three criteria that we had to follow which were that it had to have two wings, a main body and that it had to be made out of recycled material. We then went into the hall with all the other classes in secondary and saw who's rocket could fly the longest. We didn't win sadly but we did come third.

Science week! Balloons

This week is science week! We've been busy doing lots and lots of science-y things. Here are some pictures of us exploring balloons. We threw and caught them, rubbed them on our hair and watched our hair dance with the static in the mirror and it was loads of fun!

World Book Day

We had loads of fun on World Book Day. Some of us chose to dress up as our favourite characters, we read lots of stories: The Owl Babies, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Band Rehearsal and Alice in Wonderland. We were all so good listening and joining in our adults said we deserved to watch the film of Alice in Wonderland as a treat while we had a chill out afternoon!
Van Gogh is our artist of the month and we have been exploring lots of different ways we can re-create his famous 'Starry night'. We used paint, shaving foam, coloured sand, forks, bubble wrap AND our hands and feet! We think they look amazing!
We had loads of fun in the snow today! The whole school was out on the field and we had snowball fights and built snowmen. We also built our very own Scafell Pike! Some of us explored the snow in class where it was nice and warm.
We've been busy bees making Easter and Mother's day themed things to sell for our Easter Enterprize. 

Leisure Learning - ASDAN

We've been working really hard learning how to brush our own teeth and exploring the big teeth, big toothbrush and lovely minty toothpaste. Now we've all got bright shiny teeth! frown
We've been very busy giving and receiving valentines cards and presents as well as using cotton wool to print paint onto canvases to give to our families to show then that we love very much. heart
Kung Hei Fat Choy! We've been learning lots about Chinese New Year and we even had a chippy to celebrate! We all tried prawn crackers, they went down a treat.
We learnt lots about Burns day and shared our new knowledge with everyone in Secondary by hosting an assembly. We all made posters and even tried Haggis which we all loved!!
We had loads of fun taking part in the special Numbers day. We got to wear our own clothes and we joined other classes in the hall where there were lots of really fun numeracy activities for us to take part in. We also raised £60 for the NSPCC!

We've started our new topic of learning about space. We love our sensory story called Galaxies, it helps us immerse ourselves into the spirit of going on a trip to space. We all huddle together for take off.....we are now making specialist costumes linked to our outer space adventure.


We have also learned about our solar system and made our very own!!! using balloons, newspaper, glue and sensory materials we created a spectacular sensory solar system umbrella.

We really enjoyed our first Reflexology session back after the Christmas holidays. Our favourite lesson!
We have a new very special piece of equipment called a talking microwave which we have used to cook our hotdogs. We all pressed the buttons and especially loved eating them.

Santa replied to our letters!!

We were so excited to recieve our replies from Santa! They came in very posh packages from RNIB, he sent us a little present, a bag of sweeties and an audio disc of him speaking to us! 

Breakfast with Santa

Class Scafell had a very special visit from a very spacial person, SANTA! He came and had breakfast with us and gave us all a little present each for being so well behaved in school.

College Christmas party

We absolutely loved our christmas party with the students from South Sefton College! We played pass the parcel, parachute games and ate some yummy party food! We are so sad to see them leave us, as this was our last session but we have had so much fun working with them this past term.
We had a visit from a very special person who is a Buddhist Nun! We learnt lots about her and how she lives.
We really enjoyed our 'dancing around the world' session with the special visitors.
We wrote and sent letters to Santa saying why we are proud of ourselves and what we would like to get for Christmas this year. We are crossing our fingers hoping we get a reply!

Christmas Enterprise

We've started to make things to sell at our stall at the Christmas fair with help from some of the students from South Sefton 6th Form College.

Decorating for Christmas

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in class Scafell! We have begun to decorate our classroom with help from the students from South Sefton 6th Form College.

Jingle Bells!

We've started practicing our songs for our Christmas concert. We are so excited to perform in front of our families!
We had a lovely visit from Stephen from the Sefton library. We shared the Christmas story, which we really enjoyed.
We all signed our class charter with our finger prints to show that we agree with all of our rights in the Unicef Rights Respecting Schools.

Odd socks and Anti Bullying March 2017

We wore odd socks to celebrate Children in Need and Anti-bullying week.

Armistice Day 2017

We made some poppies to remember the brave soldiers who have fought for us in the wars.

Literacy - Letters and postcards

We worked as a team to write a letter and make a card for our friend.

Numeracy - Maths in every day life

In our numeracy sessions we have been using all of our senses to explore lots of money. We love the sound of it jingling in the bag and we even bought some cake off our teacher Chantelle and ate it!

Enterprize - Making and selling overnight oats

We have really enjoyed going around school to ask staff if they would like to order our famous overnight oats. We then make them during our cookery sessions on a Thursday, and deliver them on Friday. We have had so many amazing reviews and staff love our service with a smile!

PSHE - Planning and making a meal

We have been planning to make baked potatoes and deciding which toppings we would like to put with them. We have been using the microwave, the oven, washing and peeling the potatoes and best of all... Tasting them!

Towards Independence - Sensory Baking

During our Friday sensory baking sessions with Andrea, we have been loving making a mess and lots of noise with all of the baking ingredients and equipment.

Towards Independence - Cleaning

We have been learning to do some household chores such as washing and drying the dishes, dusting, cleaning and the laundry! We're experts now and have promised we will start helping out at home...

Foreign Cultures - UK Culture: Language and dialects

We have learnt a lot about different European cultures and we presented our knowledge during our class assembly in front of the whole secondary and 16+!
On Halloween this year we loved dressing up as witches, wizards and devils. We even played pranks on some of the staff my throwing spiders and webs at them! We also made some pumpkin soup, which wasn't very popular as it turned out to be quite spicy.


We absolutely LOVE our swimming sessions. Our staff and physios are so impressed with how hard we have been working and how well we have been coming on!
We all had a fabulous time at the Halloween Disco! We danced with our friends and bought party food from the stall.

Guy competition

We all worked together as a class to make our Guy by stuffing the clothes with news paper and using a balloon covered with glue and news paper to make her head. We then decided to put her into one of our spare P-Pods, painted her face and even used our teacher's hair extensions for her hair! We decided to call her AbiGUYle, but as you can see, some of us were not too sure what to think about her. We think she looked a bit too real.
We love our Wednesday afternoon sessions when a group of students come over from South Sefton 6th Form College to do work with us. They have been helping us create our yearly calendar which we will be selling to all our staff, family and friends.