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Welcome to Scafell Class

Hello Scafell Class,


I hope you are all keeping safe and well during this time.


I will be updating our class page with lots of fun learning activities for you to complete whilst at home.. If you require a paper copy please contact school and a pack can be sent out to you.


  • Activity 1- Mood Monsters- Salt Dough Mood Monsters-  explore and engage with sensory ingredients to make a fun mood monster – happy and positive learning activity and great for all the family to join in too!!! Talk about emotion s and feelings. Listen to Happy upbeat music and join in with the music.
  • Activity 2-  Rainbow Sensory Bin fun learning engagement and exploring with household items you can find at home. Use all your senses to Explore sound, touch, smell, taste.
  • Activity 3- Rainbow Art- Use collage, paint and any sensory materials you can find to make a bright colourful sensory rainbow to display at home.
  • Activity 4- Mindfulness- can you complete the 5,4,3,2,1 challenge!!! Once completed listen to relaxing music and enjoy a sensory massage.
  • Activity 5-  Healthy Eating Week- why not make Rainbow Toast for you or your family! Explore different colourful tasty foods such as Red Strawberries, jam, Yellow- Bananas, Green- Apples, Orange- Oranges, Blue- Blueberries or any foods that you have at home to Explore flavour and textures.
  • Activity 6- Cafe Scafell- set up a cafe at home to serve up your tasty Rainbow Toast and Snacks- can you make a Menu? Can you help with the washing up? life skills are an important part of learning and we encourage all students to explore and engage with all their surroundings even during role play activities.


If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me direct via email. 


Have fun learning at home, stay safe and take care

Chantelle Townley (QTVI)



Home Learning

About Us!

Scafell class is a class for pupils with Multiple Sensory Impairment (MSI). We follow a multi-sensory curriculum and use specialist equipment to help us understand the world around us. Our Targets are taken from B Squared Engagement Steps which takes a holistic view of learners by; focusing on how they learn acknowledging their different abilities and achievements and taking into account of learners preferred sensory and learning channels and their way of processing information; focusing on early communication. cognitive and sensory skills that are the foundation of all future learning.We follow ASDAN Modules including; New Horizons, transition challenge and Towards independence modules.


In Scafell class we follow a multi-sensory curriculum and use our senses to engage and experience learning and the world around us. Daily signifiers are used to give us a better understanding of daily routines including daily; smell, sound and sensory colour bag. We use Moon Tactile Code related to; phonics (read, write, Inc letters), topic related words and the names of people around us! We also also use Canin On- Body Signing, Objects of Reference, communication aids, link switches and specialist ICT equipment to access learning and respond to the world around us.


Mobility and orientation is important to us and we all follow a mobility and orientation route around school using sensory cues and markers to help us better understand our surroundings. We regularly access the Hydrotherapy pool and take part in; PMLD P.E adapted sessions, Rebound Therapy, reflexology and regular light and dark room sessions to encourage our vision and engagement.


Please take a look at our class page and all the exciting things we are learning this term!


This half term, we have been learning about 'Well Being’ and we have worked hard exploring, engaging and responding to lots of fun learning experiences all about our  'Feelings' using music, art, sensory stories, P.E,  and role play learning activities to express ourselves..



we have all took part exploring our senses including; touch, sound and smells.during sensory stories and Tacpac sessions in class and in our outside reading area. We individually explored the sensory resources with help from our teachers and we had great fun! Our favourite was the 'Hand Washing' song story, we all enjoyed working together and we responded to the story using musical instruments and precutional sounds to express how we were feelings?.



We have continued our 'well-Being' theme in Maths and took part in 'Healthy Schools' week. Exploring healthy foods usng our senses to respond to different smells, textures and flavours! can you tell if we like seat or sour?



This Terms Topic is ‘ Somewhere Over The Rainbow'  and we we be continuing to learn about 'ourselves' and how we can keep happy, safe and well .we will be exploring and expressing our views and feelings too!

Sensory 'Well-Being' Thermometer

We used sensory art materials to make a class Well-Being Thermometer to show our feelings. We listened to different music to show how people express their feelings. Can you make a 'Well-Being' Thermometer at home too?

Music with Mr Black

Social Distance Wheelchair Dancing