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Welcome to Dee

Welcome to Dee

General Information

We ask parents and carers to return the home / school diary each day, as this will enable the class teacher to provide comments and information about your child’s day in school. If there are particular things you wish to be informed about, please speak with me.


Individual Education Plan(IEP’s)

This plan sets out educational targets that your child is working on for the term.  There is a section in the plan which provides parents and carers with activities or tasks you can do at home to support your child’s learning.   Plans are updated each term and sent home.


Reading Books

All children and young people are encouraged to engage in reading and develop a love of stories. In our library  We have a wide range of reading books sensory books and big books to support the learning styles and levels for each child. 


Spring Enterprise

During the Spring term Dee have been working hard on a class Enterprise activity! This year we have been making Vintage soaps!  To make the soaps we used Decoupage to create the different designs with all being different and individual! We have enjoyed selling these around school and collecting orders from our friends and families!

Merry Christmas love from Dee x

Still image for this video
We hope you enjoy our festive video. Merry Christmas to you all. x

Visit from Father Christmas

Coca-cola truck and cafe visit


we made an artistic firework
Pipe cleaners worked a treat for our firework
threading through the holes a great firework
We coloured our hands for our Andy Warhole Art


Literacy with Alexander reading aloud.
Georgie doing his over writing
Georgie with a story on the lap top
Joe listening to the phonics song
Georgie  listening to the phonics song
pick and pay its tuckshop friday
pick and pay its tuckshop friday
pick and pay its tuckshop friday
Big and small,
Stacking into threes


We measured ourselves
Then tied them together to see how long it was

Litter picking

We picked up all the litter.
Made it nice and tidy.

Halloween Disco

A great time was had at the disco


Mixing the drops of milk for our cake.
Got to mix it well
Cleaning up
making a good job.
Stacking the clean dishes

Helping around school

Register monitor
Help with the washing
Register monitor
Great job
Choosing a head boy and girl
Choosing a head boy and girl

Rowan Adventure park.

its a great view up here.
Exercise and fun.


My special mention for great work