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Welcome to Caterpillar class!

Welcome to Caterpillar Class!

Welcome to the Caterpillar Class!

We are a lively, fun loving, and affectionate group of 8 Early Years pupils who enjoy being busy and learning new things. We comprise of 4 girls and 4 boys.

We are supported by 4 members of  staff, 2 teachers and 2 teaching assistants.

Our teachers use Dojo's to communicate on a daily basis between home and school. If you have any questions you can message them on do and they will reply at the earliest opportunity.

We learn using a variety of resources and props  including a multi sensory approach when learning. Our teachers and TAs use ASC friendly strategies such as Social Stories, TEACCH and Attention Autism to enrich and support the teaching of our Curriculum.

We will often come home looking pretty messy as we are a group of sensory learners! Our teachers come up with the most exciting (and often unusual lessons) but this means we can't help but give them our attention!

In Caterpillar class we use total communication strategies including: 

  • Objects cues and objects of reference
  • Sign, pictures, PECs, visual timetable, symbols and real objects
  • Communication aids, and technology help us to access learning and respond to the world around us.

Each half term we will focus and learn about different topics within our subjects. 


Keep checking back to see pictures of all the amazing things we are doing here in The Rowan Tree.

We are very proud of the progress we are making and I'm sure you will be too!


Love the Caterpillars!

Spring Topic 1


This half term our topic will be "How does that building stay up?"

We will be exploring a variety of different materials from wood, brick, straw, feathers, straws etc. We will use a variety of materials to build and make things from to test the material's durability. 

Literacy: Caterpillars are introduced to a Phonics sound every Monday morning. This letter and sound is reinforced throughout the week during 1:1 shared reading time and continuous provision activities. Our letter sounds for this half term are c, k, u, b and f. 

In Literacy the books we will read will start with 'The Three Little Pigs' - pupils will be encouraged to mark make / write with a variety of media. They will use pictures, symbols, story mats and objects from the story to interact with and use to retell the story. They will be given opportunities to explore sensory trays linked to literacy sessions including taste safe sensory trays with cheese, twiglets and chocolate blocks to represent straw, sticks and bricks. 

Mathematics: Pupils will explore and learn about Shape, Colour, Pattern, Big and Small, Heavy and Light, Number and dough disco. They will engage in whole class, small group and 1:1 maths box activities. Maths also features heavily in our continuous provision enhancements. 

Communication and Language: Pupils are given the opportunity to explore props and puppets that support the story.

Role Play - pupils are given the opportunity to explore 3 little pigs, wolf puppet,  straw, sticks and bricks .

Children will be encouraged to join in with songs and rhymes in their own way that are associated with this topic /story. We spend a lot of time engaging with our pupils through intensive interaction. 

P.S.H.E: Children will be encouraged to take turns and share equipment and toys. All children will be encouraged to tidy up after an activity and learn to recognise our song signifier for tidying up. Children will continue to be encouraged to explore new tastes and food textures during snack, dinner and in lessons and will practise drinking from an open top cup. 

Physical Development: Pupils will engage in activities including digging in sand, building using large bricks, practicing using tools and transporting bricks on our trikes/ scooters from one side of the playground to the other to the 'building site'.

There will be many opportunities for fine motor practice including using small Lego, tweezers to collect straws or twigs and dough disco sessions.

Expressive Arts and Design: The children will make houses out of lolly sticks, print with bricks, make large scale houses outside using paint and collage materials.and design their own buildings using junk modelling.

Understanding The WorldWe will look at photographs and pictures of unusual buildings from around the World.

We will look at homes for different animals. We will be going out on the bus to experience first hand some of the wonderful buildings we have in our city.

Cookery: We will be making chocolate Rice Krispie blocks and Jelly ice cube blocks. We will be making and using ice cubes to build an igloo and we will also make delicious rice cake pigs!


Building with different sized blocks

Phonics - learning all about 'c'. After exploring items in our phonics bag beginning with 'c' we worked on our cutting skills to cut up cake and cucumber to go with our cup of coffee! Look at how engaged we are! Costa Coffee baristas have nothing on us!

All about 'c' continued - making salt dough cactuses after a fun dough disco session!

We had lots of fun (and nibbles!) building houses for the three little pigs with weetabix and shredded wheat. That big bad wolf just kept huffing and puffing and blowing them down though! There was only one thing for it - we had to make a strong house of bricks. Caterpillars to the rescue!!

In cookery we used milk and white chocolate to make rice crispie bricks. Who says construction can't be tasty too?!

When they had hardened we did, of course, build with them!

We love exploring sensory trays. They provide a concrete reference for new vocabulary whilst capturing our interest and developing our fine motor skills. We have so much fun 'playing' we don't even realise we are learning!!

Phonics - All about 'k'. Today we looked at the letter, said the sound and enjoyed kiwi fruit, kitkats, a purring kitten and putting the kettle on.

This little piggy went to market...

'I see me' looking at our reflections and expressions

Using paint rollers and collage materials to decorate the houses of The Three Little Pigs. 60 minute makeover Caterpillar style!

In cookery we made pig faces using pink creamed cheese, rice cakes, strawberries, blueberries, banana and a strawberry lace smile.

After a building themed Attention Autism session learning about drills, hammers, trowels and their purposes we had a go at building using a trowel and mortar (shaving foam)

Taste safe sensory trays - grated cheese for straw (and cheese strings for an added bit of fine motor practise), Twiglets for sticks and chocolate blocks for bricks. Sometimes trying and even tolerating new tastes and textures isn't easy for us so our teachers provide lots of opportunities for us to explore food in a fun and unthreatening way.

We went for a walk to look at buildings and features in our local area. When we returned we enjoyed a relaxing foot spa to rejuvenate our tired feet.