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Welcome to Caterpillar class!


We are the Caterpillars and we hope that you enjoy sharing our journey with us here on our class page.

We are a fun loving, lively and affectionate bunch of Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 pupils who enjoy being busy and learning new things. We learn best when taught in a sensory and hands on way and that's what our teachers and support staff do best!  

Each half term we will focus and learn about different topics within our subjects. See our long term plan below to find out what fun is in store for us this school year.

Keep checking back to see pictures of all the amazing things we are doing here in The Rowan Tree. Photographs are at the bottom of this page under relevant term headings. 


Love The Caterpillar Class xx

Summer Term 2


This half term our topic will be 'How many pebbles are on the beach?'.

We will be building sandcastles, collecting shells and playing in water, maybe a trip to the beach to count pebbles as well.



In Literacy we will be reading the story 'Rainbow fish'. Sensory props, food, songs and puppets will be used to encourage the children to engage with the story. Lots of sand and water play will be used throughout this term. If you can send your child to school with at least one change of clothes we would appreciate it.



This half term we will focus some of our time on capacity using sand and water and various different sized and shaped containers. We will continue with our individual maths boxes as always to consolidate our learning.  


Understanding the World

During our topic lessons we will be looking at the Beach, what lives near the beach? What lives in the sea? Maybe what lives in the ocean? We will also be doing some recycling and thinking about how it is important to keep not only our beaches but our whole environment litter free. 



P.E. sessions take place each Tuesday afternoon in Caterpillar class. This half term we will continue preparing for sports day and will specialise in target practise. Hopefully the weather will be glorious and we can use water balloons to throw at our targets! We will learn how to sit on a bench and take turns and to cheer on our fellow caterpillars.



This half term we will continue with our summer topic and we will be making picnic food. We are looking forward to a Rowan Tree trip to the beach (the real beach!) where we will enjoy a picnic on the sand altogether. We will also be creating our own cocktails by making choices between different fruit and juices to combine in the blender. We will complete with an umbrella of course!!

Summer Term 1


This half term our topic will be 'Do Dragons really exist?'.

We will be looking at dragons and knights, castles and unicorns and all the things that are maybe mythical!! We will look at kings and queens and channeling our inner architects by designing and building castles using a variety of construction materials. We will be looking at the work of artist Mary Blair who designed some of the Disney castles and using her as inspiration for our own castle artwork. We will be hatching  eggs to see what is inside and there will definitely be some surprises along the way!


Before embarking on this new topic, we will spend the first two weeks of this half term continuing our 'Are eggs alive?' topic from last half term. As it was only a short half term before Easter we were unable to follow the life cycle of a caterpillar to butterfly and want to take advantage of this incredible learning opportunity for our children. Our wriggly friends will arrive at the beginning of this term and we will track their journey finishing with a trip to the forest school to set them free as beautiful butterflies! We will also be reading 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' during the first 2 weeks of this half term. 

It's going to be so much fun!



In Literacy the books we will cover this half term are, 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar', 'The Crocodile Who Didn't Like Water' and 'There's a Dragon in my Book'. Sensory props, food, songs and puppets will be used to encourage the children to engage with the stories.



This half term we will continue to look at capacity (making potions) and begin to look at time time and learning the days of the week. We will also be focusing some of our Maths time on colour matching and mixing colours and as always we will continue to consolidate our learning with individual Maths boxes. 


Understanding The World

During our topic lessons we will be looking at Hot and Cold and carrying out some spellbinding scientific experiments to defrost dragon eggs and hatch the baby dragon inside. In bucket we will be making dragons toothpaste, in art we will make our own dragon eggs out of paper mache and there will be more sensory surprises along the way!



The letter sounds we will be learning about in phonics this half term are:

Week 1 - 'r' - rabbit, rolos, rice cakes, rhino, robot.

Week 2 - 'j' - jam, jelly, juice, jumping beans, jacket.

Week 3 - 'v' - van, viscounts, vulture, vase, volcano.

Week 4 - 'y' - yoyo, yogurt, yacht, yellow, yak.

Week 5 - 'w' - wizard, witch, wall, water, worm, watermelon.

Week 6 - 'th' - three, thief, thingies, throne.



Our topics for PE this half term will be sports day related, trying the hurdles, shooting goals in hockey and football and relay racing, this half term we will try to complete our PE lessons outside.

We will also be working on individual targets identified in IEPs.



Pet Dragon!

Still image for this video
I found a very strange egg in my garden and this evening it hatched! I could not believe my eyes when out popped a green, fire breathing dragon! I’m thinking we should keep it as a class pet - what do you think??
Katy x

Spring Term 2


Our topic this half term is 'Are Eggs Alive?'

We will be exploring different things that grow from eggs and beans and welcoming the warmer Spring weather [hopefully!] Why not look for some beautiful spring flowers when on a walk or see what you can grow yourself at home?  



In Literacy the books we will cover this half term are, 'Jasper’s Beanstalk', 'Jack and the Beanstalk’ and ‘Saving Easter’. Sensory props, food, songs and puppets will be used to encourage the children to engage with the stories.

There are videos of each story you can access on Youtube and read along with the family.



In Maths we will be focusing on measurement, finding out who is the tallest and the smallest and measuring some plants as they grow. We will make handprints/footprints and use these to measure the size of ourselves, beanstalks and more! We will continue to consolidate our learning with individual Maths boxes.


Understanding the World

During our topic lessons we will be looking at what plants need to grow and growing our own cress heads. We will use our senses to explore different herbs choosing our favourites and using these to make leaves for our sensory beanstalk! We will explore different plants and flowers and see what grows in our local environment.



At the Rowan Tree we follow the Read, Write, Inc scheme when teaching phonics. 

Each week we will continue to look at a different letter/sound

Week 1 - f (frog, fan, freddo, fish, feet, fingers)

Week 2 - e (egg, elephant, elf, envelope, elbow)

Week 3 - l (lion, lamb, lemon, leaf, lime) 

Week 4 - h (hat, hand, hug, horse, ham, house)

At home can you find toys, food, animals or objects around your house that have these sounds at the beginning of them?



Our topic for PE this half term is ‘ball skills’. We will practise throwing and catching, kicking and scoring goals. We will also practise our hand/eye coordination by playing target games such as aiming to throw water balloons at the ‘giant’ [Jack in the beanstalk] to stop him from climbing down the beanstalk!



We do cookery every Friday. Please let us know if your child has any food allergies. This half term we will be making Mini egg crispy cakes, Bean Burgers and of course Easter Nests to link with our topic.

Home Learning/ Blended Learning

Below you will find some resources you may find useful to use with your child at home. These will compliment the activities and learning in school:


Wake Up! School Assembly Song

This song is perfect to wake us up ready for a fun filled day of learning!

Hello & Morning work

At the beginning of each day we sit with your child individually and look at photographs of themselves and their peers and talk about who we see and what they are doing. We encourage your child to write/mark make on their name card and the names of their peers. Your child will also have more individualised tasks to do specific to them. We then come together as a group and share hello songs and see who is in class. We also look at the weather and explore sensory props (cotton wool for clouds, spray bottle for rain, torch for the sun etc) and to look at our daily timetable.

Try sharing the videos below with your child and encourage them to independently/ overwrite/ mark make on their name or initial. Look at the photos below with them or share the archived pictures from last year and talk about who they can see and what they are doing. If you have any of the props at home that we use for the weather you could use them with the weather song.

New Year Activities

Attention Autism Bucket- New Year

Develop joint attention skills whilst experiencing New Year celebrations. Happy New Year!

Do you like the giant party popper in the bucket video? Why not have a go at making your own to celebrate with! Happy New Year!

Party popper visuals for your child

Below are two sets of simple instructions of how to make sensory bottles with your child that have a 'new year' or celebratory theme to them.


Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear? [CC]

Snowball by Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet | Read by Jen

This is our story for literacy over the next 2 weeks.
A lonely young snowball, stuck at the top of a mountain, decides to visit the local town for a bit of fun - but on his way he trips, falls, and starts to roll...

Little Snowflake | Kids Songs | Super Simple Songs

We like to start each of our lessons with a song as a signifier to help our children understand which lesson we are going to have. This is the song we play before reading 'Snowball'.
Watch videos from Super Simple in the Super Simple App for iOS! ► Snowflake PLUSH TOYS!! ► Little Snowfl...

Have a go at overwriting some of the key words from the story. Can you write any more by yourself? What can you see in the pictures?

Make your own 'snowball' and 'melted snow' sensory bottles

Make your own snow storm in a bottle!

Did you enjoy making a new year party popper? We had lots of fun making them in class! If you enjoyed them have a go at making this snowball version. You could use cotton wool balls or even marshmallows. Yummy!

When we are learning to write new letters and words (or experiment with making different types of marks) we just love to do it in a sensory way. So before we pick up our pens we always practise writing in shaving foam, gloop, sand, flour, glitter, porridge oats, rice trays - almost anything we can that engages us and captures our attention and imagination. So have a look in your cupboards and see what you have that can be sprinkled on a work surface or on a tray and let your child show you how much he likes to write!

The Letter B Song - Learn the Alphabet

Let's learn the alphabet! Letter b Song - learn all about the Letter b and the sound it makes.

The Letter U Song - Learn the Alphabet

The Letter U Song - Learn about the letter u and the sound it makes

Communication & Language

While We Can't Hug

A lovely and very relevant story to share with the family. Can you paint a picture for someone you love?

Colourful Semantics

Colourful Semantics is aimed at helping pupils to develop their communication and grammar skills. It helps to break down sentences in a colour coded, visual way. There are 5 key colour coded questions 'Who?' [Orange] 'What Doing?' [Yellow] 'What?' [Green] 'Where?' [Blue] 'When?' [Brown]

There is an example below which models how it is used, as well as a book mark and a work board. In class we enjoy looking at pictures of ourselves and our friends and responding to questions such as 'Who is it?' by choosing from a choice of 2 pictures. Staff also model language when sharing pictures e.g. 'What is SJ doing?' 'SJ is reading a book'/ 'Where is Katy?' 'Katy is on the swing' 


Try this when looking through photos of family & friends or even your favourite characters on TV, in a book or online. 


Example- Peppa Pig


'Tap Tap Tap' shape reveal bag. The children are familiar with singing the song 'tap tap ta, what's inside? Tap tap tap, what's inside? Tap tap tap, what's inside? Shall we look and see?' In class we take it in turns to take an idem out of the bag. For this session we will be focusing on 2d shape names and properties. We will be using different shaped yummy snacks as they are almost always motivating and if we are motivated we learn best! Depending on your child we will be asking them to find the corresponding 2d shape symbol or name (written word) or they may be asked to find a photograph (choice of 2)  of the same biscuit, for example is it a custard cream (rectangle) or jaffa cake (circle). We will also be counting the numbers of sides and corners on the shapes.


Below are some activities we will also be doing in school that you might want to try at home.

Have fun (and don't forget to make yourself a brew before you begin - who say's adults can't enjoy learning too!

Shaped biscuit resources to support learning during 'tap tap tap'

shape hunt work

Over the next two weeks we will be revisiting size in our maths lessons before we move onto capacity. We will be using lots of comparative language and observing how things grow bigger in size and shrink smaller in size.

Attention Autism bucket - Snow

Snow themed stage 2 with a focus on size and ordinal numbers

Understanding the World

Float or Sink worksheet

CBeebies: Messy Goes to OKIDO - Floating and sinking

Messy discovers what materials float and sink. What do you think they should make the boat out of?The series follows a curious, adventure seeking monster cal...

Floating and sinking - A bit of wet learning! Which of these items float? Which sink to the bottom? Can you find out at home?

Sensory Activities 


Step-by-step guide to making your own 'Snowball Playdough'- have fun creating your own playdough then use to during 'Dough Disco' to help improve your fine motor skills

'I like to' playdough action song

Dough Disco

Sensory Soothing Visual Therapy

Relax and enjoy the calming music and visual therapy. Why not try a hand/foot massage using different scented lotions?

Topics for this year Cycle 1 2020-2021

Caterpillar Timetable

Spring Term 1 


This half term our topic will be 'Where does snow go?'

We have been lucky so far to have a little flutter of snow to get excited about (but thankfully not so much it causes us any problems as no one needs that right now!!) At home have you played in the snow or felt the ice? When you hold the snow in your hands what happens? Hopefully during the next few weeks we will get more snow so you can have fun exploring in your gardens or at a local park together and really bring this topic to life!



In Literacy the books we will cover this half term are, 'Polar bear, Polar bear what do you hear?'  'Lost and Found' and 'Snowball'. Sensory props, food, songs and puppets will be used to encourage the children to engage with the stories. We will be exploring the outdoors looking at the weather and what happens when it snows and where does this go. All our stories are themed around the topic we are exploring this half term. 

The first book we will be exploring is 'Polar bear, Polar bear, What do you hear?'  On the website is a video of the story that you can watch and read with your family. 

In the blended learning section below we will continue to add activities and ideas you might want to try at home which link to these stories and as always feel free to get creative! I'm sure you have lovely ideas of your own that will work well with your child. 



In Maths we will be focusing on numbers, temperature and shape. We will look at songs, props, objects of different temperatures and counting our favourite objects/ toys.  We will also be exploring warm and cold objects linking in with our theme and using different 2d shapes to create pictures, for example circles to make snowmen and triangles to make snowflakes.



During our topic lessons we will be looking at the weather, hot and cold objects, as well as looking at objects that float or sink. We will have lots of activities in class testing if objects are hot or cold and heavy or light. 

When looking at hot or cold objects we will explore the texture and feel of ice, water, a heat bag and many more. As well as feeling the temperature of objects when we wear insulating clothing, for example gloves.

We will then begin to explore how objects float or sink. Looking at a range of objects and making predications if they will float on top of the water or sink to the bottom. 



At the Rowan Tree we follow the Read, Write, Inc scheme when teaching phonics. 

Each week we will continue to look at a different letter/sound

Week 1 - c (cat, cake, coat, crackers, cookie, cow, car, cloud)

Week 2 - k (king, kitten, kite, key, kangeroo, kiwi fruit)

Week 3 - u (underpants, umbrella, upset, under) Please note we teach the short u sound so we will not include words like 'unicorn'

Week 4 - b (bubbles, balloon, blue, boot, ball, book, banana, bugs)

At home can you find toys, food, animals or objects around your house that have these sounds at the beginning of them?



Our P.E topic this half term is 'races'.

We will move with our feet together like a penguin, race on our tummies like polar bears and have lots of other fun races using sometimes alternative ways of moving!

We will also look at ball skills which of course will include throwing indoor snowballs at a target and if we are fortunate enough to get real now we will take our learning outdoors and practice making and throwing real snowballs - I just hope I'm not the target!!

Autumn Term 2


This half term our topic will be 'Why do leaves go crispy?'.



In Literacy the books we will cover this half term are, 'We’re Going on a Bear Hunt', 'Chicken Licken’, ‘Dear Santa' and 'Father Christmas needs a Wee!'. Sensory props, food, songs and puppets will be used to encourage the children to engage with the stories.



In Maths we will be focusing on colours, looking at primary colours and mixing colours. We will also be incorporating size. Our Tuesday bucket session will usually have a maths focus. All children will engage in math box activities linked to their IEP targets which are done 1:1 with an adult. They will also access continuous provision activities set up both in class and in our outdoor environment which consolidate and extend their learning.


Theme/ Topic

During our topic lessons we will be looking at seasons and weather. We will have lots of weather activities in class including many sensory items to help the children understand different types of weather and to link them with the symbol that represents that weather form. Children will look to find the appropriate clothes and items for each type of weather and dress up.  We will look at what happens in the environment in each of the seasons.

We will be experimenting with different media, tools and mark making techniques to create autumnal art work and we can’t wait to get creative (and a bit messy!)



P.E sessions take place each Tuesday afternoon for Caterpillar class. 

Our topics for PE this half term will be gymnastics, practising making large movements with ribbons and hoops and exploring how we can roll in different ways in floor work. We will also begin to look at yoga to stretch our muscles and relax after PE.


Autumn 1

We're back!

We are so happy to have all of our little Caterpillars back together in the Rowan Tree! Whilst we are excited to be back and can't wait to start learning about new and exciting things we also understand that 6 months is a loooooong time for our children to be out of formal education. It may very well take the children some time to settle back into class and recall and accept the rules and expectations we have. Whilst we will be embarking on our topic 'Why can't I eat chocolate for breakfast?' and thinking about ourselves, who we are and how we can make good and healthy choices we will also be following an 'Over the Rainbow' curriculum for the first 4 weeks of this term. Our rainbow curriculum has been developed as part of our Mental Health, Well Being and PSHE Post- Covid19 Curriculum. It endeavors to help children take part in enriching developmental activities whilst exploring their feelings, develop coping skills, renew and develop friendships and positive relationships with adults, to understand importance of being co-operative with others and that change is okay. We will constantly reinforce the importance of washing hands regularly through a series of  health and hygiene activities.

The aim of this mini curriculum is for children to be in a place where they can feel happy, confident and ready to learn. 


General Information


Home School Diaries 

We ask families and carers to return the home / school diary each day, as this will enable the class staff to provide comments and information about your child’s day in school. If there are particular things you wish to be informed about, please speak with either class teacher.


Individual Education Plans (IEP’s)

These set out the priority educational targets that your child is working on for the term. IEPs are updated each term and sent home. If there is anything that you would particularly like us to working on please just let us know.


Reading Books

All children are encouraged to engage in reading and develop a love of stories. We have a wide range of reading books, sensory books and big books to support the learning styles and levels for each child. A member off staff will read with your child every day in class, however, at this point we are unable to send reading books home due to current restrictions regarding COVID-19. Any time you can spend sharing reading materials you have at home with your child is recommended and appreciated. 


Magic Moment Books

As with reading books we are unable to send home Magic Moments books at this present time. 

We are very proud of the achievements your child makes and would still love to hear about the wonderful things they do at home and the lovely times you share together as a family. So don't forget to pop a little message in their home school diary and we can celebrate with you.


Snack and Cookery Money

We kindly request that you send in £2 a week. This will go towards snack, cookery ingredients and sensory items (we use a lot of these) that we use each week.Time always passes us by so quickly and sometimes one week leads into the next in a blink of an eye. With this in mind, if it is easier for you to send in a half terms money at the beginning of the term that is perfectly fine with us. 

Halloween Songs

Below are a few links to song we have enjoyed listening and dancing to on the run up to Halloween. There is also a Halloween themed bucket session. Happy Halloween everybody!

Attention Autism - 'Bucket'

We know how much our Caterpillar's enjoy bucket sessions and we all learn so much from them. Our joint attention is improving with every session and with that we learn so much! These sessions build on our language acquisition of key words and concepts and they are always linked to our half termly theme, mathematics or story.


Although it's not the same as experiencing 'bucket' first hand I have recorded two bucket sessions of stage 1 and 2 for children to watch. Stage 1 is the bucket to focus attention and Stage 2 is the attention builder (to build on and extend their attention) We call Stage 2 'messy' as it often involves delightful mess which is fun and visually engaging! Stage 3 is turn taking. I've included activities that use resources you might have at home if you would like your child to 'have a go' themselves at what they have watched being modelled.




Recap previously learnt sounds - m, a, s, t, d.

This week in phonics we would be recapping the sounds we have focussed on this half term - m, a, s, t, and d. 

Your child can watch the video clips below. You can help your child by filling a box or bag with items to explore beginning with these sounds (it is important the item starts with the pure sound the letter makes, not its name. For example for 'a' you could use alligator and apple but not alien as the sound at the beginning is not the pure a sound). Use items that are particularly motivating for your child and can be a mixture of edible and non edible. 


Help your child to mark make and form the letters that make these 5 sounds. This doesn't have to be limited to pens and crayons, we enjoy mark making in lots of different media; in paint, foam, glitter trays, gloop, flour... the possibilities are endless! Take a look at what is in your cupboard and get creative! I'm sure your child will love it!


If your child is ready, encourage them to put the letters together to make their own VC and CVC words, for example 'mat' and 'sat'. Below are a few links that you may find useful.


Remember, not every child is working at the same level so don't panic if an activity is too tough. 

Your child is amazing and you are doing an amazing job! Lets celebrate their achievements together xx


Literacy: 'The Tiger Who Came to Tea'
We have recently introduced our new story 'The Tiger who Came to Tea'. We enjoy exploring sensory props linked to our story and develop our communication skills through responding to questions using objects of reference, talking tiles, symbol support, PECS and speech. We then explore sensory activities and complete 1:1 work linked to our story to embed our understanding- the messier the sensory activity the better for the Caterpillars!

'Hey Tiger!' The Tiger Who Came To Tea

We listen to this song before we begin the story to focus our attention

Sensory Activities

  • Make 'Tiger Foam'- shaving foam in a tray, make tiger stripes using orange and black paint. Encourage your child to make marks in the Tiger Foam [draw characters, write letters etc] 
  • Scented Tea- Explore different types of tea [lemon, raspberry, strawberry] smell the teas, taste the teas, look at the different colours the tea bags make on paper, make a tray of tea and use as water play for a tea party using cups, saucers and spoons.
  • Bake cakes/biscuits 
  • Make a cup of tea- Demonstrate to your child how you make a cup of tea encourage them to choose a mug, put in the tea bag, get the milk from the fridge etc then you can enjoy drinking it together with some biscuits/cakes [who knew home learning would have such perks?] 
  • Playdough- Use playdough to make treats for the tiger, encourage rolling, prodding, stretching and the use of cookie cutters to enhance fine motor skills- in class we have enjoyed making treats for tiger using vanilla scented playdough [check out our sensory booklet for different dough recipes] 


Make a Tiger Pumpkin

Maths- Big and Small 

We have been exploring all things big and small! During our Maths sessions we enjoy joining in with Maths songs and exploring relevant sensory props to support our learning. We have used our 'attention autism' sessions to support our learning of big and small through many exciting and engaging activities- some of our favourites include 'flour snow storms', 'cola volcanos', 'plant pot splats' and 'currant bun splat' [it is safe to say the bigger the better for all of our messy fun!] 

Big and Small Song

We enjoy listening to this song at the beginning of our Maths sessions

Phonics d
During our phonics lesson we enjoy exploring items beginning with the letter/sound of the week and naming them.We hide items in a bag and sing 'tap tap tap, whats inside? Tap tap tap, whats inside? Tap tap tap, whats inside? Shall we look and see?' then choose an item one at a time out of the bag. 

Other activities you can try include:

  • Making doughnuts out of salt dough (or a sweet dough if you want to eat them after!) focusing on kneading, rolling, pulling etc to build fine motor control and strength.
  • Making biscuits using dinosaur shaped cookie cutters
  • Small world sensory trays containing items beginning with d - ducks in water, dinosaurs in a tray with leaves and compost etc.
  • Playing a drum and singing songs or creating patterns to a beat
Phonics t

We love to share some of the fabulous learning that goes on in Caterpillar class!

Here is just a taste of some of the super duper things we get up to. Enjoy!

Autumn 2020 

As part of our topic for this half term we explored light and dark and different light sources.

We enjoyed learning about Christmas in different countries around the world including Spain, Germany and Norway.

Bubble Disco- we enjoyed popping bubbles and dancing to Christmas songs with all of our Rowan Tree friends. Don't we look cute in our Christmas jumpers?

Winter Wonderland- We enjoyed exploring the outdoor Christmas Grotto at Rowan High's Forest School. We loved all the wonderful Christmas creations and found our class creation 'Otto the Snowman' hiding under a tree!

Creating Otto the snowman!

We're Going on a Bear Hunt - I think this has been our favourite story in Caterpillar class!

We are getting so good at following instructions and using symbols to help us understand what we need to do next. We were so proud of our beautiful glittery snowflakes that we put them on our calendar!

Swishy swashy grass, thick oozy mud, deep cold rivers with lots of splashing, swirling whirling snow storms... we loved every minute of our learning as we went on our bear hunt!

Why do leaves go crispy? We looked at hedgehogs and how they bury themselves in leaves to hibernate in the autumn. We made our own autumn leaf collage hedgehogs and salt dough hedgehogs using spaghetti.

Phonics 'g' - all that glitters is gold... unless it's green gloop, green grapes, goats in grass... look at how engaged we are. Caterpillars are g g gggggg great!!

Keeping with our theme of exploring autumnal weathers, in maths we explored full and empty using different sized containers and a LOT of snow! We love sensory learning!

Why do leaves go crispy? Exploring rainy, wet weather as we get A LOT of this in the Autumn!! We especially enjoyed making or own rain clouds - and of course getting wet!!

Caterpillar class will remember them. We created potato print poppies using red paint and real poppy seeds after a Remembrance Day themed bucket session.

Why do leaves go crispy? In answering this question we began by exploring changes in weather, clothing we wear in autumn, going on a leaf hunt and making our own autumn leaf art.

We enjoyed making Nutella sandwiches during our 'n' phonics lesson. Life skills, phonics and lots of fun all rolled into one!

In phonics we were learning about the letter i that makes the sound 'i' as in insect `and igloo. We explored natural materials found in an insects habitat and used them along with mud paint to collage an insect picture.

We celebrated Bonfire Night with some exciting activities that that helped us develop our fine motor and creative skills with treats for all of our senses! Two of our favourite activities were to create firework art and to make edible sparklers with breadsticks, melted chocolate and sprinkles! We hope you enjoyed them!

The last few days before we broke up for half term were filled with Halloween themed learning opportunities. How cool are our midnight spooky bat pictures?! We loved our pasta bow bat and pumpkin rice sensory trays too!

We had so much fun learning how to carve pumpkins. We chose the pumpkins we liked most and followed all the instructions, listening, taking turns and we worked brilliantly as a group. Team work makes the dream work!

How much do you love our scary spiders (well, actually, they were super cute but for the purpose of Halloween we will call them 'scary'!) As you can see they were 100% all of our own work. We are very clever caterpillars! Oh and Halloween just wouldn't be Halloween without spaghetti snakes would it?!

Hubble bubble toil and trouble! The Caterpillars concocted the most gruesome witches potion made from magic orbeez and Halloween objects found in the ghost sensory bag.

Morning work. As we settle into class after arriving we love to explore what our teachers have set up for us. We also sit 1:1 with an adult and do some reading and writing activities from our morning boxes. All this before we even have our hello session! We are such a busy bunch!

Making rainbow sensory calm bottles. Just look at our focus and concentration! We are loving being back at school xx

Making Mood Monsters

Our finished mood monsters! We looked at the 'Well-being Scale' and decided how we felt. As you can see we are happy little Caterpillars!