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Welcome to Bumblebee class

Welcome to Bumblebees Class:


Welcome to the Bumblebees Class and a Happy New Year:

Bumblebees are a lively, fun loving, and affectionate group of 8 Early Years pupils who enjoy being busy and learning new things. 

The pupils are supported by 3 members of  staff.

We use Dojo's to communicate on a daily basis between home and school.

We  use a variety of resources and props  including a multi sensory approach to support the curriculum. We also use ASC friendly strategies such as Social Stories, TEACCH and Attention Autism to enrich and support the teaching of our Curriculum. 

In Bumblebees class we use total communication strategies including: 

  • Objects cues and objects of reference
  • Sign, pictures, PECs, visual timetable, symbols and real objects
  • Communication aids, and technology help us to access learning and respond to the world around us.

Each half term we will focus and learn about different topics within our subjects. 

Keep checking back to see pictures of all the amazing things we are doing here in The Rowan Tree.

The Bumblebees Staff Team x

Spring Topic 1: 

This half term our topic will be"How does that building stay up?"

We will be exploring a variety of different materials from wood, brick, straw, feathers, straws etc.. We will use a variety of materials to build and make things from to test the materails durability. 

Literacy: Bumblebees are introduced to a Phonics sound every Monday morning, this letter and sound is reinforced throughout the week during 1:1 shared reading time.

In Literacy the books we will read will start with 'The Three Little Pigs' - pupils will be encouraged to mark make / write.       Using pictures, symbols and story mats pupils will be encouraged to retell the  story. 

Mathematics: Pupils will explore and learn about Shape, Colour, Pattern, Big and Small, Heavy and Light, Number and  Doh Gym 

Communication and Language: Pupils are given the opportunity to explore props, puppets that support the story

Role Play - pupils are given the opportunity to explore 3little pigs, wolf puppet,  straw, sticks and bricks .

Sngs and Rhymes that are associated with this topic /story. 

P.S.H.E: Lots of learning to take turns and sharing equipment /toys. 

Tidying up after an activity

Physical Development: Digging in sand. Building using large bricks. Practice using tools.

Lots of fine motor practice - using small lego, using tweezers to collect straws or twigs. Doh Gym twice weekly 

Expressive Arts and Design: Make houses out of lolly sticks, Brick prints, Make windmills

Understanding The World: We will look atphotographs and pictures of  unusual buildings from around the World.

Look at windmills and homes for different animals. 

Cookery: Chocolate Rice Krispie blocks, Jelly ice cube blocks, Making and using ice cubes to build an igloo.

Keep a look out for Bumblebees photographs. Watch us having fun whilst learning.


Bumblebees looking at emotions. We looked at our faces using mirrors and pictures

Construction using blocks, bricks and cereal!

Painting and Paint Mixing using bricks: