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Welcome to Ben Nevis

Curriculum Activities 

For the next two weeks beginning Monday February 1st 2021


Literacy activities

We will be focusing on writing simple sentences, using capital letters and full stops.


Numeracy Activities

We will be focusing on time. 


Pathway to Adulthood


We have some life skills challenges that all pupils could take part in, please encourage your child to have a go at the activities, either with you or independently. Take some photos and send them to us, we'd love to see them!

The links for the challenges are below.

Curriculum activities for 2 weeks beginning 18th January 2021

Pathway to Adulthood


We have some life skills challenges that all pupils could take part in, please encourage your child to have a go at the activities, either with you or independently. Take some photos and send them to us, we'd love to see them!

Look below for the links


Understanding the Developing world

Our topic this half term is based around how we use cameras today compared with in the past. We will also look to the future of photography.

We would have been able to handle and explore a range of cameras, disposable, polaroid, kiddiezoom, a camera from the 1950's and of course iPads, mobile phones. If you have any of these they would be a great stating point for this topic.


Please use the POWER POINT as a learning aid there is lots of information on it, but, students will need support to access it.

If possible print off a couple of pictures they take using the challenge cards and discuss them, are they blurred? Why? Is the whole of the subject on the photo? etc Think of ways of improving them and may be try again. 


Literacy Activities for the next two weeks beginning 18th January 2021


We have three literacy lessons a week. Please support your child to choose appropriate activities. One a day is enough.


Maths activities for the next 2 weeks beginning 18th January 2021


We have three numeracy lessons a week.

The maths activities below are differentiated in 3 ways. Please help your child to choose the most appropriate one for them.

One activity a day will be more than enough.

If your child needs counters you could use pasta or Lego pieces, whatever you have to hand.

P.E. Activities

Below are some ideas for a quick 10 minute workout. There is a link to Joe Wicks videos of each exercise.

Choose them together and have fun! 

Not all of these exercise are not appropriate for every student.

As long as they are moving; dancing, doing some yoga, walking the dog, playing in the garden that's great!

Welcome to Ben Nevis, we hope you and your family are all well.

We are so happy to back in school, supporting your child on their learning journey.

If you have any worries or concerns please speak to us.


Ben Nevis is a class in the 14-19 Department. 


We are working on a curriculum that encourages independence across all areas of the student’s lives, students will gain accreditation and certificates recognising their achievements and experiences.


In Literacy and Maths we follow courses set by Open Award or ASDAN modules. We study number, shape, measurement, money, time and focus on using them along with reading, writing and communication skills in as many real life situations as possible, for example in shops and cafes (this will be more difficult at the present time, but we intend to be creative!) As we look to our futures it is important for us to develop our independent living skills in every way and we try to take every opportunity to experience and practice these.


General Information

We ask parents and carers to return the home/school diary each day, as this will enable the class teacher to provide comments and information about your child's day in school. If there are particular things you wish to be informed about, please give me a call.

Class Funds

We kindly ask that you send in £2 each week. This contributes to snack and cookery ingredients that we use each week.

Individual Education Plan (IEPs)

This plan sets out educational targets that your child is working on for the term. There is a section in the plan which provides parents and carers with activities or tasks you can do at home to support your child's learning. Plans are updated each term and sent home.

Reading Books

All children and young people are encouraged to engage in reading and develop a love of books. We have a wide range of reading books, sensory books and big books to support the learning styles and levels for each child. Every Friday, your child will receive a new reading book. Please encourage your child to engage with the texts 


Some pupils will receive homework in English and Maths to support their learning. If your child is finding homework a challenge, please contact me and we can discuss any issues and find solutions together.



P.E sessions, including: yoga, dance and outdoor activities will take place at least once a week. Please ensure suitable clothing and footwear is brought to school and that items are clearly labelled to avoid confusion.

During our P.E. sessions we discuss the importance of keeping fit and the affect it has on our bodies. We look at ways we can keep healthy through a balanced diet and regular exercise

We are hoping that swimming sessions take place on alternate Fridays at The Meadows Pool in Maghull.

(This may change under the current pandemic)


We will cook at least once a week. Please let us know if your child has any allergies.

Cookery focus on independence skills and learning to cook for ourselves, we will be cooking a range of food from spaghetti bolognaise, beans on toast, pizza and even curry. The students themselves choose and discuss what they would like to learn to cook.


We are planning on setting up our own Horticulture area this year. Students will take responsibility, with support, for all aspects of gardening from deciding what to plant to harvesting any crops.

Community Visits

Under normal circumstances, as part of our curriculum, we would be visiting shops, cafes, leisure centres, sporting venues and many other places in the community. Some of us would be attending a Travel Training course where we would learn about how to travel on public transport safely and independently, however, all of this is not possible at the moment.

We are being as creative as possible in providing students with as many opportunities and activities to enable them to 'experience' the world of work.

Curriculum Subjects

Our emphasis in Ben Nevis is to provide skills for life after Rowan Park school, we do this through the teaching of a number of curriculum subjects as well as skills for life and employment, this year’s topics are:



The Human Body, Plants.


Fashion and Food for sale and Packaging,

Foreign Cultures

Spain and Mexico,


Composing music, Abstract Art Techniques Puppets and Drama


Maps and Getting Around, Family History


Personal Safety, Travel Training


World Organisations and Fundraising


Home Learning / Blended Learning


The following websites are fun and interactive and support the students learning in class:                     Maths and Literacy games                   Maths and Literacy games                A great interactive phonics site with free games and activities           A good selection of interactive learning activities.

Home Learning

Week beginning Monday 4th January 2021


We understand that not all students will be able to be in school at this time, therefore, we will be adding weekly lessons including; links to Youtube videos, power points, resources and worksheets or activities.


In Ben Nevis we have 3 literacy lessons a week, 3 numeracy lessons a week, understanding the developing world and towards adulthood lessons. We also have cookery, swimming, P.E and computing.


Literacy lessons

This week we will be watching a short film 

Dragon slayer - THE LITERACY SHED


Wednesday 6th January 2021

Watch the film through once so that the students enjoy it.



Discuss the characters; the dragon slayer, the dragon, the blacksmith - think of adjectives to describe them (brave, strong, fierce...)

How did each of them feel; scared, sad, worried

Have you ever felt like that? What can you do if you feel scared, worried etc?


Thursday 7th January 2021

Remind the students about the film they watched yesterday.

Can they tell you the title and give a brief outline of the story?

Can they remember the characters?



Draw or print off a picture of a dragon, The students will then choose to:

  • Talk about the image (adult will scribe for them) encouraging descriptive language, what colour, how big, what does it eat, where does it live? The student can then colour the image carefully.
  • Write 5  simple sentences about the image using some adjectives e.g. The dragon has big feet. 
  • Write an in-depth description of the dragon using powerful adjectives e.g. The colossal beast had enormous, sharp fangs.

Read their work over with them, praising their efforts and suggesting just one improvement.

Watch the film again, this time stopping at key points and encourage students to talk about what is happening.


Friday 8th January 2021

Watch the film again.

Discuss with the students what they think happened next. 

Did Tarragon go on adventures with the baby dragon? Did he change?  How did he change?

  • Guided write. Together brainstorm ideas and begin writing them down in full sentences e.g.

Tarragon decided to befriend the defenceless baby dragon and together they began a new chapter, the adventures they would have together became legendary!

In a far away land full of

  • draw or print off different colour dragons, write simple captions and ask students to match the caption to the correct dragon (support to read if needed)



Please encourage your child to read regularly or read with them or to them.


Read books, comics, magazines, recipes, online books, construction manuals, anything that they enjoy!





We will be consolidating number bonds this week.


Some students are working on number bonds to 5

Some students are working on number bonds to 10

Some students are working on number bond patterns e.g. 4 + 6 = 10    14 + 6 = 20      24 + 6  = 30 can you continue the pattern? repeat using 7 + 3 = 10       2 + 8 = 10


Making a set of number cards to 10 (include zero) and playing with them is a fun way to consolidate number bonds.

  • Can they order the cards/ over write the cards/find 3 socks or 5 pencils
  • Say the number that is one more/one less than a chosen card
  • Can they say which ones are odd/even
  • Turn a card over, say its 7, the student then has to find the card that would make 10 (they have to find the number 3)
  • Write the calculation above e.g. 7 + 3 = 10 and repeat


Use a dice to play number bond games.

  • The dice is thrown and lands on 5, how many more do we need to make 10
  • Write the calculation e.g. 5 + 5 = 10 and repeat.


BBC's Number Blocks have some fab programmes on number bonds for students who enjoy this style of learning.


Below is a link to an interactive game that students can play to consolidate their knowledge and understanding.


Funk Mummy || Quick recall of addition, subtraction and multiplication facts || Mobile-friendly version (






The students have loved our cookery lessons. Encourage them to get involved in cooking at home. Anything from making their own sandwich to a simple pasta dish.

  • Sharing a recipe together
  • Weighing
  • Chopping
  • Mixing, pouring, blending

Let them get involved and enjoy the experience of being in the kitchen, choosing a filling for a sandwich, or a sauce for their pasta. It's an important life skill!

  • Washing the dishes after they have cooked or eaten



Particularly at the moment physical exercise is important.

  • Encourage the students to go for a walk with you, chat about what you can see, hear e.t.c. 
  • Joe Wicks does some great videos on Youtube 
  • GoNoodle/Just Dance  has some great dance ideas that some of the students love.

Make it fun, get involved yourself, dance around the kitchen, challenge them to a race/star jumps war - whatever it takes to get them moving!

Talk about the benefits of exercise and the reasons we should all exercise.