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Hi all. Hope everyone is keeping well and safe.

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Update on TWINKL. The site was offering a free month to parents, Log in details sent via school website. The details are still valid for anyone wanting to join the site. For those who have already joined the period has been extended. You don't have to do anything else it should just work as usual.


I have found another site which provides some interesting resources. 

This site is also offering free access with    Username: march20     Password: home

It offers interactive and printable resources with graded progression from Phase 1 to Phase 6

You can also access resources which are labeled as 'subscription required' for free.

It also allows for    Teacher  / Parent  /  Children   log in. I would suggest starting at the lower Phases and working through.


The site also offers access to sister sites, IXL and a comic based phonic site. Also free.


I have also heard of an app / site called Zamzar which enables you to convert and open different file formats. I haven't tried this but it was recommended on a BBC program.




Welcome to Ben Nevis.

We are a class in the 14-19 Department. We are working to complete ASDAN modules in Towards Independence, Personal Progress Personal Social Development and Workright. Success in these modules will result in us gaining accreditation and certificates recognising our achievements and experiences.


In Literacy and Maths we follow courses set by Open Award or ASDAN modules. We study number, shape, measurement, money, time and focus on using them along with reading, writing and communication skills in as many real life situations as possible, for example in shops and cafes. As we look to our futures it is important for us to develop our independent living skills in every way and we try to take every opportunity to experience and practice these.


General Information

We ask parents and carers to return the home/school diary each day, as this will enable the class teacher to provide comments and information about your child's day in school. If there are particular things you wish to be informed about, please speak with me.


Individual Education Plan (IEPs)

This plan sets out educational targets that your child is working on for the term. There is a section in the plan which provides parents and carers with activities or tasks you can do at home to support your child's learning. Plans are updated each term and sent home.


Reading Books

All children and young people are encouraged to engage in reading and develop a love of stories. We have a wide range of reading books, sensory books and big books to support the learning styles and levels for each child. Every Friday, your child will receive a new reading book. Please encourage your child to engage with the characters and stories.



Some pupils will receive homework in English and Maths to support their learning. If your child is finding homework a challenge please come into school so we can discuss it together.



P.E. sessions take place on alternate Wednesdays when your child will attend Litherland Sports Park to participate in activities in the Gym or outside on adapted bicycles. Please ensure suitable clothing and footwear is brought to school and that items are clearly labelled to avoid confusion.

Swimming sessions take place on alternate Fridays at The Meadows Pool in Maghull.

During our P.E. sessions we discuss the importance of keeping fit and the affect it has on our bodies. We look at ways we can keep healthy through a balanced diet and regular exercise.


2 / 2


We do cookery every Tuesday afternoon. Please let us know if your child has any allergies.


Cookery focus on independence skills and learning to cook for ourselves, we will be cooking a range of food from spaghetti bolognaise, beans on toast, pizza and even curry. The students themselves choose and discuss what they would like to learn to cook.


Work Related Learning/ Enterprise

As part of supporting young people to develop their skills, your child will take part in work related learning experiences and enterprise activities on Thursdays. Enterprise helps support the students to use their numeracy and literacy skills in a different context. We complete a number of experiences in school this year we will be completing the following experiences



Other students will participate in the class Bakery. We learn about recipes, measuring ingredients, shopping and money management. All of us are practicing the practical skills of mixing, kneading and shaping rolls and loaves. We take orders from staff and run a delivery service to the classrooms.


Duke of Edinburgh Award

We will be completing our Duke of Edinburgh award this year.



We are planning on setting up our own Horticulture area this year with help and advice from experts, one of which help us in our volunteering at a local community garden in the local area.

We plan to make wooden planters as part of our Duke of Edinburgh Award.


Community Visits

As part of our ASDAN modules, we will be visiting shops, cafes, leisure centres, sporting venues and many other places in the community. Some of us will be attending a Travel Training course when we will learn about how to travel on public transport safely and independently.


Curriculum Subjects

Our emphasis in Ben Nevis is to provide skills for life after Rowan Park school, we do this through the teaching of a number of curriculum subjects as well as skills for life and employment, this years topics are:



The Human Body, Plants.


Fashion and Food for sale and Packaging,

Foreign Cultures

The New World ; Mexico,


Composing music, Abstract Art Techniques Puppets and Drama


Maps and Getting Around, Family History


Personal Safety, Travel Training


World Organisations and Fundraising

DIY Making our planters