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Week Beginning 8th February


This week is all about topics – Children’s Mental Health, Valentine’s Day, and Chinese New Year.

Please see the website for the PPT’s linked to the worksheets

A great website is Top Marks it has Literacy and Numeracy games.

  • Read the story on PPT - ‘While We Can’t Hug’.
  • Create a book using the template.
  • You can –
  • Write a letter to a friend
  • Create a picture
  • Pull some funny faces
  • Send a heart to someone
  • Create some music
  • Look at the PPT all about Chinese New year
  • Complete work about CNY
  • Can you make some Chinese food at home?


Numeracy this week is all about Money.

  • Complete the worksheets.
  • If you go shopping, can you look at how much different items cost?
  • Can you pay and collect the change?

See below links for Dancing and Yoga!


Have a lovely Half-Term! J

Videos about Chinese New Year -


Chinese Recipes for at home -




Numeracy - Money 


Money Games