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Week Beginning 1st February


 This week you will learn all about Walt Disney and Disney films!


  • Read the PPT on Walt Disney
  • Read the PPT on Disney films – answer the questions independently.
  • PSHE – Inside out film, can you answer the questions about emotions? How are you feeling?
  • Literacy Comprehension questions and worksheets
  • Can you watch the Jungle Book film and look at rainforests? (worksheets and PPT)
  • Numeracy – Addition and Subtraction PPT’s and worksheets
  • American food – Healthy and Unhealthy. Can you make some cookies?
  • Jungle music – Listen to the music and create your own musical instrument
  • Can you watch a Disney movie and review it? What do you think?
  • I have put some mindfulness videos on can you take some time this week to relax and try listening?