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Week Beginning 1st Feb 21

Hi everyone this is our first attempt at adding work content under weekly headings. Hope it proves easier to find and follow.

Have added some sensory activities for this week aimed at the Tactile, Visual and Proprioceptive* System.

*Proprioceptive refers to the way joints and muscles send messages to our brains about the bodies' positioning and movement. It also allows for force and direction to be adjusted e.g. use more force to lift a heavy box and less to lift a piece of paper.

Pathway to Adult Hood


Throughout this topic the students will explore the world of work. Take a journey through the different professions exploring the different roles outlined in each job.  Also delve into the different attributes associated with each profession, including the clothing, roles and responsibilities as well as generating an understanding of what is involved in a typical day within each profession.


This week we will be learning about the role of a pizza chef. Take a look at this weeks activities which include;

- Listening and responding to Music from Italy.

- Role Play Activities.

- Exploring ingredients through, touch, smell and taste when making your own healthy Pizza!