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Beat Goes On

Stomp style body percussion


RSNO (Royal Scottish National Orchestra) Music Challenges

These are musical activities you can do at home with things you can find around the house – including your voice. There are 5 challenges and videos are led by members of the RSNO. They do a demonstration of each challenge and then explain how to do it.


Camerata Mini Music Makers

Practical music making activities with professional musicians.  You will also learn a little bit about the instruments they play.

Youtube channel or via Facebook /

Episode 1 Key Stage 1 Instrument – Piano. You will need a small container with a lid (butter tub/Tupperware type box), small items to put inside (rice/pasta/beads), paper and drawing things (pencils/crayons)

Episode 2 Key Stage 2 Instrument – French Horn. You will need Lego to build an instrument, (if you don’t have Lego you can use anything you have at home i.e. spoons on a pan, rice or pasta in a tub to make sounds.)

Episode 3 Key Stage 1 Instrument – Violin. You will need a piece of paper, pens or Crayons (blue/green/yellow/black)

Episode 4 Key Stage 2 Instrument – Tuba. You will need household objects to make different sounds (the sounds you need will be explained during the episode)

Episode 5 Key Stage 2 Instrument – Piano. You will need paper and drawing materials, noise makers (spoons on pans/homemade shakers)

Episode 6 Key Stage 2 Instrument – French Horn. You will need paper and pens, Keyboard App


Royal Opera House, creative learning at home

Lots of interesting activities, videos to watch and things to create – Suitable for ages 5 – 11



With over 55 Sefton Schools already subscribing; is a good resource which can help to support music activities at this time. a free trial is available via the link if you don’t currently subscribe.


Marvellous Musical Podcasts – David Walliams

There are 10 episodes looking at different composers, musicians and instruments and are delivered in a humorous and informative style with plenty of good music listening clips.

More listening is available on Sound and Music on their Minute of Listening section. You can register for free to access to listening activities for KS1/KS2 to encourage discussion and reflection. They are grouped as Collections, Curriculum and Mood. The Mood section would be valuable for PSHE and mental wellbeing.


The Beat Goes On

Stomp style body percussion!


Bring The Noise

Free primary school music, songs and resources for teachers, pupils and parents.

For EY and KS1 with plenty of activities, tips, games, warm ups, SEND guidance and ideas to try at home.


Out of the Ark

These are currently offering 7 free songs for use at home or in school, with downloadable resources and ideas for other activities. There is also a promise of more over the following weeks. These are all suitable for KS1 & KS2. Many schools will know Out of the Ark resources through the “Our Place” vocal project.


Blue Peter Music Badge

This is surprisingly easy to earn and the badge is designed by Ed Sheeran! Some Sefton children have already applied for this and achieved it.


Arts and Culture Based Activities

A wide range of well-constructed Educational Activities – Including VE Day – 75th Anniversary
If you are a parent or carer, we hope you will find the many web links below useful.