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Understanding the World

This half term we will be learning about the real superheroes in our community. We will be learning about the police, firefighters, doctors, nurses, paramedics and vets. We will also be looking at superhero animals such as police dogs and horses and guide dogs.

We will be bringing our learning to life by visiting a Fire Station and the Mounted Police horses. 

We will be developing our play skills by dressing up as real life superheroes in our role play area and using resources and toys to act out their jobs! 

Dressing Up

We have been learning all about the real heroes in our community, such as doctors, nurses, firefighters and police officers. We have been discovering how they help us/what their jobs are and where we can find them! 


We have been developing our play skills during Continuous Provision, and have enjoyed learning how to play in our class Post Office, Dragonflies GP Surgery and Fire Station! 

We love bringing our learning to life and developing our independence skills! 

When learning all about dentists and how to keep our teeth clean and healthy, we had a go at cleaning our own teeth. 

When learning all about firefighters, we watched 'Fireman Sam' as part of one of our fun Friday afternoons. We made our class into a mini cinema with beanbags, blankets and pillows. We made popcorn and ate sweets!