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Transitioning into Rowan Park School

Transitioning into Rowan Park School:


We know transitioning into school can be a very difficult time for our pupils, as often we are their first school, so we offer a varied transition plan to meet the needs of the individual child. Transition plans always start with meeting the child within their own school setting; sharing important information about the child; visits to our school, gradually building to attending full days. We have a child friendly prospectus designed especially for pupils and always recommend that pupils take photographs of the rooms and building to look through before starting. A copy of this year’s Pupil Prospectus is available on the website for you to have a look at.


Before your child is due to start:

  • Your child’s new teacher from Rowan Park School will visit your child in their nursery or school setting and speak to their Key person and or class teacher. Our teacher will gather important information about your child to ease their transition into their new school.

  • Open Evening or afternoon – where you will meet your child’s staff team, see their classroom and discuss any questions that you might have. The open event is also a great opportunity for you to share important information about your child with their new class staff. This visit is also a great chance to order or pick up the Rowan Park uniform and to complete any information and consent forms that need to be filled in. 

  • A number of visits for your child to visit their new class in Rowan Park School. We have found in the past that it is beneficial for their nursery Key Worker (if starting in Reception) or Teaching Assistant to accompany them for the first few visits. The numbers and length of visits would depend on the needs of the individual child.

  • You will be given a "New Family Welcome & Information Booklet". This will contain key information about the department your child will be starting in

  • New Pupil Welcome Booklet (Your child’s booklet will be more individualised to them and their class) will also be given out. It contains key pictures related their new school, class and staff. It's a great way to familiarise themselves with their new school, especially if its a September start.  


First Week:

The following details will be sent home in the first week. 

  • Home School Diary
  • Details of class timetable.

  • Curriculum Overview.

  • Transition Questionnaire – what you felt went well and if there was anything we could do make it better.

We also say that if you would like to phone school in that first week to see how your child has settled in then this is OK. If class staff can not take your call straight away because they are teaching then they will phone you back as soon as they can. 


Transition Assembly:

We also have a Transition Assembly for our Primary Year 6 pupils as they move into our Secondary Year 7 classes - swopping their Primary red jumper for their Secondary blues ones. We also invite families to come along as well as any new pupils to school who will be coming into Secondary from Primary. Its a lovely event and sometimes a little emotional!



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