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The Christmas Elf

Frida 18th December. Buddy's hot air balloon has arrived to take him back to the North Pole, don't worry he has his list with him to give to Santa.

Thursday 17th December. What a mess!! The Cheeky Elf has made one last mess.

Wednesday 16th December " He's making a list, he's checking it twice"

Monday 14th December, "Somewhere over the Rainbow"

Friday 11th December, Wall Climbing, Christmas style!

Thursday 11th December, Anyone for a polar bear ride?

Wednesday 10th December, Breakfast with Santa

Tuesday 9th December, Buddy reappeared in some toilet rolls!!

Monday 7th December Peppa Pig stole the Elf #Where is Buddy?

Friday 4th December, Santa comes to the rescue, the naughty penguin has a time out in the snow globe

3rd December, the Elf has been locked up by a naughty Penguin!

2nd December, Buddy and Katy's Birthday!!

1st December