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Summer 2021

We have been learning about how it is important to keep our beaches and wider environment clean, safe and litter free. We used the litter pickers to pick up litter from our 'beach' and we posted it into either the food, plastic or paper recycling bins.

We loved todays bucket about staying safe in the sun. We learnt about applying cream, wearing sunhats and sun glasses in preparation for our trip to the beach. We also learnt to beware of pesky seagulls that can come along and plop on you (shaving foam)!

In P.E we did some target practise. We threw water balloons aiming at pictures of things we would find on/ at the beach. We then used super soakers to aim at the pictures whilst naming what we could see. A great way to keep cool in the sun too!

A new half term and a new topic focusing on the beach and life in the sea. Today we created our own taste safe beaches using cream coloured blue, crushed biscuits and sunbathing gummy bears!

We looked at artwork by Mary Blair who did lots of concept art for Disney films including Cinderella, Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland. She designed Cinderella's castle and the castle for the iconic ride 'It's A Small World' that features in Disney World and and all Disneyland parks. We used a variety of coloured shapes to make our own castles inspired by Mary Blair.

In P.E we worked on our balancing skills to master the spud and spoon race (we thought potatoes would last longer than eggs!). We began to learn that speed isn't everything and sometimes slow and steady is best!

In phonics we were learning about the letter z that makes the sound 'zzzzzzzzzzzz'. Look at how well we did drawing the stripes on the zebra and the buzzy bee. We were set free with lots of black paint and used sponges, paint brushes and our hands to cover a table with paint. We then peeled back masking tape strips to reveal zebra stripes!

We had 4 butterflies hatch from their cocoons! We fed them orange and gave them sugar water to drink and then set them free to fly away in the sunshine! After we listened to one of our favourite songs 'fly away little butterfly' on you tube whilst exploring rainbow orbeez sensory tubs.

We made our own crowns to transform ourselves into caterpillar royalty! Who is the king of the castle and who is the dirty rascal?!

We had so much fun learning about castles, kings, queens, princes, princesses and knights in shining armour. We did some large scale construction building our own forts and some of us chose to dress up. We even found a beheaded Anne Boleyn!

Today we enjoyed a celebratory bucket filled with party poppers, silly string and confetti balloons. In stage 2 Katy used a blender to make coloured soap foam cupcakes and we used PECS to choose a cake in stage 3 and blow the candle out. We then learnt how to use the blender to make our own foam sensory trays.

In cookery we loved making dragons out of pears, raisons, bananas and strawberry laces for fire! We followed step by step pictorial instructions. Yummy!

Our caterpillars have spun cocoons and one of them has hatched! We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of 4 more butterflies. Check back to see how they get on.

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In P.E we are beginning to get ready for sports day. Here we are making progress in running races.

We investigated different ways of melting our frozen dragon eggs to hatch it. We sprayed hot and cold water, chipped away with knives (not sharp ones!!), licked them, dropped them from heights, our imaginations had no limits!

Today's dragon themed bucket session was so engaging! We met a fire breathing dragon and Katy hatched baby dragons from fizzy bicarb dragon eggs using vinegar. In stage 3 we took turns squelching our feet into dragon foot crocs filled with shaving foam! Our levels of engagement are improving all the time and our teachers are very proud of us.

Phonics - W- wigs, wands, watermelon, wotsits, making waves, making webs and building walls. We enjoyed writing the letter 'w' using our wiggly worm visual and making words beginning with 'w' using magnetic letters.

Today we began looking at castles as part of our theme 'Do Dragons Exist?' and used moon sand to make our own.

Do dragons exist? The title of our new topic and we are so excited for this one! Look at our amazing clay dragon eggs. We chose the colours we would like to use and after, squeezing, pressing, rolling and molding we picked out jewels and sequins to decorate them with.

Phonics - 'Y' - yogurts, yazoo, yum yums, yoyo, sailing yachts in the water tray and exploring all things yellow. Can you tell how much we loved our yellow foam mark making activity??!!

'We're Going on a Caterpillar Hunt...' After looking for caterpillars in our garden and collecting leaves we chose sensory media to represent the 4 stages of the lifecycle of a butterfly - egg, caterpillar, cocoon and butterfly.

Butterfly themed Attention Autism session. We watched as Katy made a salt butterfly and used food colouring to make a symmetrical pattern. We then took turns to balance on the beam whilst flying using our butterfly wings (scarves). After we painted butterflies and enjoyed mark making in the salt tray.

Our caterpillars are growing so BIG! After examining their size we made pom pom caterpillars munching on leaves. We used a hole punch to make the holes in the leaf. We also loved exploring the lifecycle sensory trays.

Bicarb volcanos and coke and mento volcanos - what a fun way to learn about the letter 'v' and develop our joint attention skills in our Attention Autism session. In stage 3 we used symbols to make choices between lava (red spray paint) and water (blue spray paint) and took turns to be sprayed sitting under the umbrella.

Phonics V - we were so engaged in exploring items beginning with 'v': vibrating toys, vans, violin and tasting viscount biscuits and Vimto. We made a great job at making 'vegetable soup' in the sensory tray.

We love learning outdoors especially when the sun comes out! We worked on developing our fine motor skills and hand eye coordination by using nets to fish out caterpillar eggs (pom poms) from the water tray and use water guns to aim at the chalk butterfly. Being the playful characters we are we also aimed at our friends and teachers!

Today we met our new caterpillar classmates - real living teeny tiny caterpillars! Becoming excited about the metamorphosis process we made coffee filter butterflies to decorate the windows of our classroom.

We have enjoyed reading the story 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' using sensory props and making our own pasta caterpillars and butterflies. You've heard the term 'busy bees' well we are certainly the 'clever caterpillars'!

Earth Day- We had lots of fun learning about how we can look after our Earth and help to save animals. We looked at different natural places we can visit and chose our favourites- the beach was the winner closely followed by the countryside [We do love the outdoors!]. We enjoyed a story called 'Look After Us' and chose our favourite endangered animal to make a safer Earth for. We made chalk paint to create our Earth and are spray skills were fantastic!

After lots of hard work we enjoyed a self care spa afternoon with lush bath bombs, hand massages, yoga and shaving foam. We thought our teachers needed a bit of TLC too so Katy was treated to a facial and hand /arm massage and Sue was given a makeover by an up and coming makeup artist! We like to take care of each other in Caterpillar class x

In P.E we have been practising our ball skills - rolling, throwing and kicking. We started first by warming up our bodies by playing bubble pop. Rolling the balls down the gutters was our favourite activity and we waited and took turns so well! Our teachers are super proud of us x

We love taking our learning outdoors, especially when the sun is shining! We are budding little artists in Caterpillar class and sometimes we even become the art ourselves! TATE Gallery here we come!

We are developing our joint communication skills more and more each day. Our 'bucket' sessions play a big part in this. Just look at how focused we are and how well we are following instructions and taking turns. We have so much fun we forget we are actually learning too!

We like to do lots of different activities in phonics to help us learn about letters and sounds. We all learn best in slightly different ways so we extend our learning into areas beyond literacy and communication. Don't you think our j j j j jiggly jellyfish are just jolly!

We always enjoy learning in an exploratory way and our phonics 'j' lesson was no exception! Jelly, juice, jaffa cakes, jam sandwiches and jumping jelly beans! Yum yum!

We have started to look at the life cycle of a butterfly. We painted large leaf templates using brushes and sponges (and sometimes our hands too!) and then adding a little white egg like in our story 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'

We chose different coloured paints to make colourful butterfly pasta shapes for our sensory trays. We also had fun matching two butterfly halves by stacking mega blocs.

In art we used balloons and paint to print our own Very Hungry Caterpillar art work. Haven't we done a great job?!

In our Attention Autism 'bucket' session we have been trying super duper hard with turn taking in stage 3. We waited patiently for each other to have a turn at squirting water using a super soaker to give the Caterpillar a drink.

We have been reading the story 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'. We love exploring the sensory props and using our picture and word mats too. We also practised our chopping skills when preparing fruit for the Caterpillar.