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What is the Pupil Premium?


The Pupil Premium provides additional funding on top of the main funding a school receives. It is targeted at students from disadvantaged backgrounds to ensure they benefit from the same opportunities as students from less deprived families.  Pupil Premium in year groups reception to year 6 recorded as the ever 6 school meal are allocated £1,320 per pupil.  Pupils in year groups 7 to 11 recorded as ever 6 are allocated £935.

For looked after pupils (LAC) the amount allocated is £1600 within Sefton, pupils from other Local Authorities amounts will differ and maybe more or less, for further information contact the individual Local Authority.  Funding is also received for a child who has LAC for the past six months or who has been adopted from care under the Adoption and Children Act 2002 or who has left care under a Special Guardianship or Residence Order; finally £300 goes to students whose parent/parents are currently serving in the armed forces or are in receipt of a pension from the MoD

Spending is monitored closely with all schools accountable for the impact of the money spent.  At Rowan Park, we utilise the Pupil Premium to support our students with a specific focus on Literacy and Numeracy, Transition (at all key stages), Engagement in learning to maximise children and young people opportunities in adult life.


Why is there a Pupil Premium?


National data shows that pupils who have been eligible for Free School Meals at any point in their school career have consistently lower educational attainment than those who have never been eligible.  

However at Rowan Park/High the pupil premium pupils consistently have the same if not better attainment than their non pupil premium peers.  The main area of need is not deprivation, the area of need comes from the diagnosis and medical needs.


How many pupils at Rowan Park/ High School are eligible for the Pupil Premium?


Currently, the are 40% of pupils at Rowan Park who are entitled to Pupil Premium 39% are female and 61% are male.


Is there an issue with eligible pupils not applying for FSM?


In Sefton, when a Housing/Council Tax Benefit form is completed, this automatically entitles child(ren) in the family to receive free school meals. The Council inform the Student Services Team and the school of the child’s entitlement to free school meals.

Parents in receipt of Child Tax Credit are required to complete a free school meal application form, and it is vital that the application form is completed to allow additional funding to be released to the school.


How will the impact of the spending of the Pupil Premium be measured?


To monitor progress on attainment, new measures will be included in the performance tables that will capture the achievement of students covered by the Pupil Premium. Rowan Park, the usual cycle of data collection and the monitoring and tracking of the cohort’s attainment, will be used to inform student progress and enable the early identification of need, support and appropriate intervention.


To view Rowan Park/ High School Pupil Premium , click on this link: 


Pupil Premium 2019-2020

Pupil Premium Policy