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This term in Phonics we are looking at the sounds C, K, U, B and F.

We follow the 'Read, Write, Inc' programme.

Phonics /f/


In Phonics this half term one of our sounds was the sound /f/. 

We enjoyed our group input, singing a song and pulling items out of the bag that began with the /f/ sound. Some of the children found the item that matched on their picture mat, and some came up and helped Fred the Frog differentiate between items that begin with the /f/ sound and items that do not. 


The children completed their 'f' writing worksheets where they practiced their fine motor skills and letter formation. We further developed this in sensory trays, in foam and using play dough, where the children had visual supports to show them how to make the letter using dough, which increased their independence. 


Some of the children dressed up as firefighters in our role play area. Some of them went into the outdoor area to develop their scissor skills, using spray bottles filled with water to put the fire out! Using spray bottles enabled the children to practice the grasp and release motion, which is a prerequisite for early scissor skills. 



Phonics /c/


One of our Phonics sounds this half term was /c/. We have found lots of items that begin with this sound, and had a taste of some food that do too! 

We have been very busy writers practicing our 'c' letter formation and very good listeners, differentiating between things that begin with the /c/ sound and things that do not. 

Some of the children have enjoyed mark-making and practicing making the letter 'c' in a variety of sensory media, and some have enjoyed learning through play - we have had our very own mini car wash!