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Rimrose Valley Friends Survey

The people at Rimrose Valley Friends have just launched an online survey and would really like our help gathering some information.


The survey relates to how much Rimrose Valley has been used by individuals and families during lockdown and how they believe it has played an essential role in keeping both children and their parents active, helping to alleviate stress and generally to enjoy the outdoors during these unusual times.


They are particularly interested in hearing the views of the younger people who use Rimrose Valley to understand what they like about it and/or what would make it more appealing.  Whilst many older people are online and on social media, it is hard for them to connect with this younger demographic who make up a significant proportion of the park's most frequent visitors.


They don't ask for any personal details.  They do ask for participants' age range, post code and gender.  Whilst each of these is optional, it would help them greatly to pin-point who is using the part and who isn't so they can target future efforts accordingly.  Parents can help their children complete the form and there are a couple of links below - one which takes people to their website and another which allows them to access the survey direct, so no interaction on social media is necessary.


If you could kindly follow one of the links below, your assistance would be much appreciated.


Survey on their website:


Direct link to survey: