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We use the National Centre of Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics (NCETM) scheme of work for 'Mastering Number'. 

This half term in Maths we will be focusing on Capacity: full, half full, empty, nearly empty, and ordering capacities (most and least).

We will be doing lots of learning through play in Continuous Provision and we will be singing lots of songs about capacity, such as 'Polly Fill The Kettle Up' and 'It's All Gone'. 

We will be making potions, playing in the water and sand trays, doing some tea party role play and creating our own 'Dragonflies Milkshake Cafe'. 




Each day, a group of pupils in Dragonflies will be working closely with Julie in Maths. 

They will be developing their understanding of Capacity and Measure on the 'Mastering Number' programme.

This half term, the topics covered will be: recognising attributes; comparing amounts of continuous quantities; showing awareness of comparison in estimating and predicting; comparing indirectly and recognising the relationship between the size and number of units.

Structured/Adult-Led Maths Activities 


At the beginning of each week, every pupil in Dragonflies Class will work with an adult on a 1-1 basis to learn a 'new skill'. This will be individual to each child to match their intended learning outcomes and targets. This half term, the new skills will be linked to capacity.

The children will practice their new skill with an adult each day in Maths. It is intended that by the end of the week, the children will be able to complete the activity independently and it will be used as a workstation activity the following week (to enable pupils to rehearse and consolidate their learning).