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We use the National Centre of Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics (NCETM) scheme of work for 'Mastering Number'. 

This half term in Maths we will be continuing to focus on Number: ordering numbers, cardinality and counting, and subitizing. 

We will also be continuing to look at weight (heavy and light), shape and space, pattern and measurement. 


Each day, a group of pupils in Dragonflies will be working closely with Julie in Maths. 

They will be developing their understanding of number and counting skills on the 'Mastering Number' programme.

This half term, the topics covered will be: Subitizing; Cardinality, Ordinalty and Counting; Composition.

Structured/Adult-Led Maths Activities 


At the beginning of each week, every pupil in Dragonflies Class will work with an adult on a 1-1 basis to learn a 'new skill'. This will be individual to each child to match their intended learning outcomes and targets. This half term, the new skills may include ordering numbers, counting, identifying numerals and Shape. 

The children will practice their new skill with an adult each day in Maths. It is intended that by the end of the week, the children will be able to complete the activity independently and it will be used as a workstation activity the following week (to enable pupils to rehearse and consolidate their learning). 

Continuous Provision Activity: Jungle Counting!


Dragonflies enjoyed choosing a numeral from the box and counting out the matching number of animals from the Jungle-themed tuff tray onto the leaf plates. 

Ice-Cream Shop: Continuous Provision Activity


Dragonflies Class had our very own role-play Ice-Cream Shop! 

We developed our fine motor skills by scooping up and rolling playdough to make ice cream. 

Some children consolidated their understanding of one-to-one correspondence by putting one scoop of ice cream into each cone. 

Some children consolidated their understanding of counting by counting out the number of scoops the customer asked for into each cone! 

Pupils practiced their social and turn-taking skills as well as their listening skills... some customers had a rather large order! 

We used money and the till to practice our independent and money skills.