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Autumn 1 - during this term we will be looking at some poetry and reading storys in relation to the outdoors in correlation with our theme 'Survival guide'. This theme will be explored in a sensory manner as well as academic. 


The fist poem we are going to explore is called 'A den for Daisy' a wonderful poem exploring how dens in our home are a safe place to read and explore. It is about a child who builds her den and her cat enjoys spending time there with her.


We have placed a link to the story on the Autumn 1 section of the website. smiley


Autumn 2 - this is mini enterprise as a theme. Here we will be looking at stories such as Nativity themed stories, general winter stories and creative stories. We will link this with theme and create items that will be associated with the story to be provided for parents and friends during the holidays.