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This half term we will be reading books about superheroes (both fictional and real life!) 

We will begin by reading 'Supertato' by Sue Hendra, 'Ten Little Superheroes' by Michael Brownlow and 'Real Superheroes' by Julia Seal. 


We will also be developing our fine motor skills and hand strength in our 'Dough Disco' sessions to get us ready to do some beautiful writing and drawing! 

Fine Motor Skills Development - Playdough CP 

'Real Superheroes' by Julia Seal 


We have been doing lots of lovely work about real heroes in our community. We have explored a variety of key workers such as firefighters, police officers, doctors, nurses and carers. 

We have been exploring how to use communication/chat boards to support language and spontaneous commenting. Pupils have begun developing their understanding of how these key workers help us, where we can find them and what their jobs are. 

We have been continuing to develop our play and fine motor skills in a large variety of ways - such as pretending to be nurses and bandaging up Dolly at our Dragonflies Doctors Surgery; using spray bottles to put a fire out and dressing up as firefighters, and sorting and posting letters at our Dragonflies Post Office!

'Supertato' by Sue Hendra


We are loving 'Supertato' and are completing some fabulous activities based on the story. Whilst we are still completing our writing, drawing and word/letter matching worksheets to meet our individualised literacy targets, we are continuing to develop our fine motor skills in a range of fun and exciting ways. 


We have been using playdough to make our own Evil Peas and decorating them. We have been developing lacing skills by tying up (threading) evil peas with laces and freeing the vegetables! 

We have used baking potatoes to make/decorate our own Supertato.