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Rowan Park mini Duke of Edinburgh

Welcome to the Rowan Park mini Duke of Edinburgh Award.  Supported by the Official Duke of Edinburgh organisation.


For those outside of the 13-25 age range this is designed to be a bit of fun but unfortunately will not result in a trip to the palace for you. However, this could have significant benefits for everybody’s mental health and wellbeing during this time. For participants who are already enrolled this could be a great way to ensure the continuity of award programmes. By encouraging this challenge to take place at home, parents may also be able to find some much needed structure to guide them and their children through the rocky waters of home schooling.


In the spirit of ‘Better Together’, I have set myself the below challenges and will be documenting them on the Rowan Park Website.


Volunteering – Volunteering to help with the jobs around the house.

Physical – Joe Wicks 9am exercise.

Skill – To improve my cooking skills.


Please send your photos to and we will put as many photos on the website as we can. We will look at the students and their parents completing challenges and each week I will choose a winner! 

All students who participate will receive a certificate in a special awards assembly. There may be extra rewards for the most creative ideas.


Below are a few ideas and websites that can give you inspiration and help you with this challenge. If you have any questions about what can be used please don’t hesitate to get in touch via the email address We will get back to you as soon as possible.


Good Luck and remember stay safe and follow government guidelines.


Section Ideas

Below is a recording sheet if you would  like to use it. However you are able to be as creative as possible with recording your results diaries, photos and even video diaries and are all great. Remember if you send these in they may be put onto the school website.


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