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The History curriculum offers a personalised curriculum where pupils develop skills in understanding the value of their own history and the histories of other cultures, both past and present.  At Rowan Park we believe that it is very important that pupils gain an understanding of the world around them and how the world has been shaped by major events.


History seeks to develop skills where skills can describe past events and changes, using skills of enquiry to look at different people’s point of view  The curriculum deals with not only powerful historical figures but also the lives of ordinary people including workers, women, children and other diverse facets of our society and other societies.



All pupils will be taught using a variety of styles appropriate to the content and the learning that best suits the individual pupil in accordance with a ‘personalised learning’ approach. The styles are to include visual, auditory and kinaesthetic opportunities. Children will also be given opportunities and access to a sensory curriculum as appropriate to their teaching and learning needs.


Early Years Foundation Stage

In the Early Years Foundation Stage History is taught as part of Understanding the world and is encompassed in many of the other six areas of learning through continuous provision and individual interests. Topics with reference to 'the past' and 'long ago' include 'Ourselves', 'Dinosaurs', 'Magical and Fantasy' and 'Pirates.


The History Curriculum at Key Stage 1 and 2 is delivered in a two year rolling programme. 

History is taught as part of a topic based curriculum with History alternating with Geography as the lead subject of topic or ‘theme’ each term. This enables the subject to be covered thoroughly whilst at the same time using a cross-curricular approach for our Primary school aged learners. In K.S 1 history topics include 'Ourselves', 'The Gunpowder Plot', 'Meet the Victorians', 'Exploration', 'Toys and Games' and 'Florence Nightingale'. In K.S 2 history topics include 'The Stone Age', 'The Romans', 'Vikings', 'Local History - WW2', 'Ancient Egypt', 'Kings and Queens', 'The Anglo Saxons', 'The Great Fire of London', 'Mayan Civilisation', 'The Tudors' and 'Ancient Greece'. 


In K.S 3 History is delivered over a 3 year rolling programme. History is taught as a discrete subject alternating with Geograpgy each half term.

Units taught include; 'Leadership' 'Australia: Transport and Colonisation','Discrimination and Civil Rights' 'Dignity and Self Respect' 'Choice of Lifestyles' 'Great Britons' 'Royalty- Kings and Queens' 'Revolution- The Stuart's' '19th Century Britain' 'Revolution' and the 'Wider World'.  

Key Stages 4 & 5

In our 14-19 department History is taught alongside Geography and R.E in a Humanities programme of study. We follow the Equals 'Moving On' schemes of work in which incorporate historical themes and knowledge into each unit each term. Units taught in the Summer Term have a more specific focus on historical knowledge.


The 14-19 curriculum Equals schemes are: Adventurer - Kings and Queens; Explorer - Modern Times; Globetrotter - Famous Buildings; Traveller - Ancient Cultures; Voyager - Family History. We make use of photographic  assessments which form part of pupil profile evidence or accreditation evidence in Key Stage 4 and 5. At the end of each topic, each child’s achievement is recorded using B squared online assessment tool, with evidence collected and collated in pupil progress folders. Assessment is through ASDAN and Work Right modules providing pupils with a recognised qualification. 

Battle of Hastings Shield Making Competition

To celebrate English history we held a shield making competition in remembrance of the Battle of Hastings. The pupils made shields, both at home and in school. They were displayed in the hall and a winner from primary and secondary was chosen. The winners got a special "Star Historian Award" certificate. 
To remember Holocaust Memorial Day which is held on January 27th every year, as a school we held two very special assemblies to commemorate the horrific atrocities all those years ago. The pupils listened and looked at pictures of what happened. They all agree this should never happen again.  
During the summer term, classes at Rowan Park we be making visits to the Atkinson in Southport  to visit a Viking exhibition to celebrate Litherland's Viking past. The pupils will have an opportunity to immerse themselves in to Viking culture. They will be able to try on Viking clothes, help to steer a Viking long ship and look at Viking artefacts that have been found in the local area.