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Geography at Rowan Park School offers all pupils opportunities to become aware of, and develop understanding of their personal position in space. Pupils become aware of, and interested in, themselves and their immediate surroundings and are provided with opportunities to explore local and wider environments. Pupils are encouraged to develop an interest in, and knowledge of, places and people beyond their immediate experiences and encounter other countries and cultures where they are encouraged to draw comparisons to their own. Pupils develop geographical skills and field work including the use of maps and simple compass directions and pupils begin to foster a sense of awe and wonder at the beauty of the world around them.


The Geography/Humanities curriculum is delivered through a variety of teaching  methods appropriate to both individual 1:1 and group teaching situations. Pupils are encouraged to assess evidence, experience and explore different sensory experiences, negotiate, make decisions, solve problems, work independently and in groups, and learn from and with each other at whatever level each child is working at.




In the Early Years Foundation Stage Geography is taught as part of Understanding the world and is encompassed in many of the other six areas of learning through continuous provision and individual interests. Topics with geographical themes running through them include Magical and Fantasy, The Jungle, My Garden, Oceans & Seas and Pirates.



The Geography Curriculum at Key Stage 1 and 2 is delivered in a two year rolling programme. 

Geography is taught as part of a topic based curriculum with Geography alternating with History as the lead subject of topic or ‘theme’ each term. This enables the subject to be covered thoroughly whilst at the same time using a cross-curricular approach for our Primary school aged learners. In K.S 1 geography topics include 'Great Britain', 'Around the World in 80 Days', 'Pen Pals', 'Water Sources', 'The Seaside' and 'Follow the Trail'. In K.S 2 geography topics include 'Weather Around the World', 'Treasure Hunt', 'Water Worlds', Brazil', 'The Ice Age', 'Europe', 'The Tropics', 'Local Geography - Liverpool', 'Mountain Adventure', 'Coast to Coast', Renewable Energy' and 'North America'.


Similar topics are revisited further up the year groups and pupils will have the opportunity to revisit prior learning and expand on their subject knowledge and skills. 



Key Stage 3

In K.S 3 Geography is delivered over a 3 year rolling programme. Geography is taught as a discrete subject alternating with History each half term.

Units taught include; 'Where Are Earth Are We?', 'Bodies & Buildings', 'Jolly Holiday?' (Tourism), 'Risky Land', 'Wacky Weather', 'Coasts', 'Resourcing the Planet', 'Ecosystems' and 'India'. 


Key Stages 4 & 5

In our 14-19 department Geography is taught alongside History and R.E in a Humanities programme of study. We follow the Equals 'Moving On' schemes of work in which incorporate geographical themes and knowledge into each unit each term. Units taught in the Spring Term have a more specific focus on geographical enquiry and skills.


The 14-19 curriculum Equals schemes are: Adventurer - Seas, Rivers & Lakes; Explorer - Population; Globetrotter - Landmarks; Traveller - Agriculture; Voyager - Maps and Getting Around. We make use of photographic  assessments which form part of pupil profile evidence or accreditation evidence in Key Stage 4 and 5. At the end of each topic, each child’s achievement is recorded using B squared online assessment tool, with evidence collected and collated in pupil progress folders. Assessment is through ASDAN and Work Right modules providing pupils with a recognised qualification. 


Geography events this school year
On the run up to Christmas 2016 every class in school spent time finding out about what Christmas was like in different countries around the world. Pupils then swapped classrooms to experience Christmas in different counties. One afternoon we had a whole school Christmas food market where pupils joined together in the hall to sample food from different countries. As you can see we all had lots of fun and learnt new and interesting facts about countries across the globe.