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This half term in Cookery we will be focusing on 'measurement', which ties in with one of our Maths topics. We will also be integrating our 'Jungle' theme, and will be making delicious banana bread, animal biscuits, banana ice cream and 'jungle pops'.

Banana Bread


We enjoyed making banana bread and practiced so many skills whilst we were doing it! We followed step-by-step instructions and measured out all of our ingredients. We chopped, mashed, mixed and whisked - hard work! 

It was definitely worth our excellent efforts as we enjoyed eating warm banana bread for our afternoon snack. heart

Jungle Fruit Salad


Michelle gave us a fantastic demonstration where we learnt all about safety around sharp knives and how to cut fruit safely and properly. Every single child was completely captivated by Michelle's cookery class! We felt the texture of different fruits such as pineapple, kiwi and mango and chose which fruits we wanted to use in our salad from a large variety. Then, we got chopping! 

Jungle Pops


We loved making jungle pops - in fact, none of them even made it to the fridge! We just couldn't wait to taste. 

We chopped up our bananas, threaded them onto a skewer, dipped them in melted chocolate and then practiced our pincer grip by sprinkling hundreds and thousands onto them! Yum. 

Animal Biscuits

We had a lovely time making animal biscuits. We enjoyed mixing the ingredients together and rolling out the dough.

We used jungle animal cutters to make fabulous shapes and then we put them in the oven to bake!