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At Rowan Park School we believe that functional and effective communication is an essential skill for everyone. Functional communication skills allow pupils to express needs, wants, feelings and preferences that others can understand. When individuals learn functional communication skills, they are able to express themselves without resorting to challenging behaviour or experiencing communication breakdown.

Communication is at the heart of the curriculum and all stages of communication are catered for depending on the pupil’s individual needs. These stages include;
•    Attention and Listening
•    Play and interaction
•    Receptive Language [understanding]
•    Expressive Language [use]

We promote ‘Total Communication’ for our pupils and provide opportunities and reasons throughout the school day and across the curriculum for pupils to develop their communication skills. We support pupil’s communication at each stage of development using a range of techniques to support each pupil;
•    Intensive Interaction
•    Objects of Reference
•    Sign-a-long
•    Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS)
•    Pragmatic Organisation Dynamic Display (PODD)
•    Picture Support
•    Symbol Support
•    Communication Aids (E.g. I-pad apps, Eye Gazes, Proloquo2Go, Liberator and Voice Output Communication Aid (V.O.C.A.)).
•    Speech


PECS Booster Groups


Pupil’s using PECS have the opportunity to attend booster groups or 1:1 sessions to support their progression through the 6 phases. Some pupil’s use Phase 6 PECS to support their commenting, sentence building, verbal communication and sign. All work completed in the booster groups and 1:1 sessions is fed back and modelled within the pupil’s class to ensure that PECS is incorporated throughout the curriculum and there are opportunities and reasons to communicate provided throughout the school day.



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