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1st February

Home Learning

W/B Monday 25th January 2021


While some of us are not able to be in school, daily lessons will be shared on here for you to complete at home. As much as possible, the lessons will follow our class timetable which we would use in school. Please feel free to share any completed work, photos of home learning or questions by emailing me at


For some lessons, there are a choice of worksheets or activities, some are designed to be more sensory or require less writing than others. There may also be matching or ordering activities, these will require a little bit of preparation as they will need to be printed and cut before teaching. Please choose the activities which are more suited for you. If you need any assistance with this please get in touch.



Read the story ‘While we can’t hug’. It is a lovely story which shows different ways we can express our friendship when we can’t hug. After reading the story, there is a daily challenge linked to the story. Try them out and see if you can help put a smile on someone else’s face!


Monday  - Read the story. Make someone smile by waving and smiling at them. There is a smiling worksheet below where you can also show all of the things that make you smile!


Tuesday - Write a letter to someone. It could be a family member, a friend, a classmate, the postman, or anyone else you want. Tell them how much you appreciate them, maybe even tell them a joke to make them laugh!


Wednesday - Do a dance. Choose a song you really like and make up a dance for it. If you would like some ideas, there are videos below with dances that you can copy. You could even share your dance with the class in next week’s zoom!


Thursday -  Sing a song or play music. Listen to some of  your favourite songs and join in. If you have any musical instruments at home you could try making music on them. If you don’t, there are some ideas below on how you could make your own instrument at home.


Friday - Paint a picture, you can use paint, crayons, pencil or even collage materials. Make a picture of something you like!


Zumba Kids (easy dance) - I like to move it

Shakira 'Waka Waka' Kids Dance Routine

Musical instruments you could make at home



This week we are going to learn about comparing and measuring lengths. There are different objectives which are listed below. Choose one objective to focus on for the week. If you do want to move onto the next objective, ensure you are confident with current one first. 


- Compare lengths, can say which is shortest and longest

- Order lengths from smallest to biggest

- Measure using non-standard units

- Measure in CM



When we start learning to measure, we use non-standard units. This can mean measuring with cubes, coins, cotton buds, handprints, anything at all, but they must all be the same size. Measuring in cm is introduced later, only when the other objectives have been met.


Pathway to Adulthood


This half term's topic is 'Working Together'. We have been learning about different types of jobs in the community.


This week we are learning about 'Working with people'. Some people work great in a team, some people work better on their own. Both are okay! Take some time to think about which you prefer then try the worksheets below.




Understanding the Developing World


Our topic this half term is 'Navigation'. This week we are learning about map reading skills. Map reading is an important skills, however with all of the technology we have available, it is also important to be able to use Sat Navs too.


When you go for a walk this week, you could set directions up on a Sat Nav to a shop or park and practise following the directions you are given as you walk.